August UNadventures

Monday, September 26, 2016

August had endings and beginnings with summer happenings coming to a close and the new school year activities starting up.  August had good family time, and good friend time... art time and outside time... train time and silly time... flower time, bug and garden snake time... birthday celebration time... piano time and voting time... evening walk time... chalk time and chickenpox time... sleepover and movie time... lego time and muffin time and twinkling lights time... more family and friend time... and food time all the time ;).

July UNadventures

Thursday, September 15, 2016

July had some fun adventures that will need their very own posts, like a trip to CancĂșn and a little stacycation in downtown OKC, but I still posted a few pictures from each of those here, because I guess I'm greedy.

July included walks to the Plaza District for pizza and ice cream * trips to the zoo with family friends and church friends and school friends, and all the friends * good food.  always good food.  and good drink.  always good drink. * 4th of July * swim parties with friends * fireworks and water balloons and bounce houses and kiddie pools * legos and lipgloss (I love that E loves legos and C loves lipgloss.  Truly, it makes me the happiest.  And also.  Lord help us with the legos and the lipgloss.) * dress up * backyard foraging * a trip to Texas * a trip to Mexico * a family band session in the basement * concert at the library * matching clothes with Cora, because sometimes I like to match clothes with Cora and I don't care who knows it * first time sleepovers with the sweetest of kid friends and the bravest of parent friends ;) * popsicles * finding garden snakes * hotel fun and being tourists in our own city * catching up with best friends * Weezer concert at the zoo * sticking a plastic googly eye in a nostril * hanging out with cousins * making the most of the summer break as the start of school inched closer and closer.  July was so full and so good.

June UNadventures

Friday, September 9, 2016

When I think back to June, I remember it being sort of all over the place.  I was excited to be on Summer break with the kids, taking our days slow and lazy, watching them play.  And I was nervous to be on Summer break with the kids, because while the time together was truly precious, it was also a big change in our schedule, and that's not my best thing.  But through the adjustment period, we still managed to find lots of happiness in the little and big moments.  We celebrated Cora's 3rd birthday, and I have to say that girl adds so much love and light to our world.  She is a delight to be around and our days are grander with her in them.  We love you more than you'll ever know, Cora Marie!  We also had some work done on our bathroom, and took another quick trip to Texas.  Jaron and I cleaned out our basement one weekend and found lots of treasures, some of which made my eyes water a bit (maybe a lot).  As always, we ate good food, let flowers brighten our day, went swimming, played outside and got filthy with dirt and water and bugs, and watched too much TV a lot of days.  We were sweet and we were cranky, and when the world felt dark, we were encouraged by our village and reminded that people are good.  One of my favorite things from the month was getting to go out to dinner with Jaron, my parents, sister and brother-in-law without our kids.  We sure love those kiddos, but dinner out, without them?  Well, that's a pretty nice treat.

Here's something I wrote for one of my Instagram pictures back in early June.  It's a good reminder for me as we get used to the new schedule of school.  Life is always changing, huh?

I keep thinking to myself how well we've transitioned into Summer and the new schedule.  I feel pleasantly surprised at how sweetly the kids are playing together, how they're not yet glued to the TV, but rather creating and imagining and enjoying their toys.  And every single time I start to get all romantic like this with my thoughts, thinking how precious this time is, like clockwork someone has a disgusting potty accident, or a complete meltdown, or tells me I'm the meanest and pops a sibling on the back, causing tears to erupt.  And there it is. It's good to have balance in your life, right? ;)

May UNadventures

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I'm so behind.  For real, sooo behind.  But, I've still been taking pictures, so I'm going to try to get caught up in the next few weeks, both on the UNadventures posts and on the 52 Project.  So first things first: May.

May had a lot of real deal adventures, like out of town guests and a girls weekend, Mother's Day, family pictures, end of year fun at school, field trips, Jaron's birthday, and it also included all the in between, everyday unadventures.  We finished the month off with a trip to Texas to celebrate Memorial Day and our 11th anniversary.

Early in May, I stumbled upon some photos that I had ordered a long time ago and then tucked away, because I wasn't sure what to do with them at the time.  They were from my pregnancy with Cora and then into her first year.  Oh man, they hit me hard with all the feelings.  But they served as a great reminder of why I like to keep up this thing of taking pictures and occasionally blogging, because goodness, I forget lots of little things that I'm sure I never will, without those pictures and these words.  So here is May with way too many pictures for one post.  I'll probably never learn.

April UNadventures

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Oh April.  April, April, you sly month.  Probably the biggest thing to happen to our little family in April was Emmitt's 5th birthday.  And I'm gonna tell ya, I had been prepping myself for months that this was no big deal.  Don't make it a thing, Grace.  He has a birthday every year, and every year birthdays are kind of hard for you and every year you make it through and it's lovely and blah blah blah.  So it wasn't going to be a thing, guys.  So what, 5 is just a number, it's no big deal.  I was strong, I wasn't feeling sad or weepy or anything about the upcoming birthday, and I made it through the party just fine, and then BAM.  There is no escaping myself, and myself said, "Listen, 5 really is a big deal."  So I had a moment... or a weekend, I had a weekend... okay maybe it was pushing a week... and I had the feelings and remembered Emmitt's wee self and then remembered how he's a giant, kind, funny, and wildly and wonderfully weird boy now.  I had all the feelings about how our family has moved into a new era that includes two big kids and no babies.  It's all just right, but it's a big deal to me, and trying to avoid the inevitable really just made the feelings come on stronger and all at once.  So no more of that.  Oh Emmitt, Happy 5th Birthday!  You started the grandest adventure of them all when you made me a mama.  You are forever my very favorite boy.  

The last two UNadventures posts I've said it, and I'm going to say it again.  We keep getting outside more and more because the weather keeps letting us.  And it is good for the soul.  Besides the birthday and the party, which I'll share more pics of in a separate post, this month included seeing out of town friends, a quick trip to Tulsa with some of our favorites, Thunder basketball, the Arts Festival, a little Game of Thrones season premiere celebration, tree climbing, zoo trips, coloring, and good food and good drink (always and forever).  April, over and out.

March UNadventures

See, now here's the problem with getting this far behind on these posts.  Here it is more than halfway through May and I'm just now writing and sharing pictures from March.  And now March is blurring into April a bit, and April into May.  Blurred.  That's how I feel lately.  Blurred and a bit dulled.  I don't mean that in a bad way.  Just a life-y sort of way.  You know how life can be good, and busy, and blurry.  And sometimes it can be a little hard... and busy, and blurry.  Life has been so good, and if I'm honest, a little hard too.  But mostly good.  The pictures remind me that March was really good.  Thank goodness for the pictures.  The thing is, Spring is such a nice time of year because the weather is getting warmer, lots of activities are getting started, Summer is in sight, and yet it's a very full time for us.  It's full of stuff to do, but also I'm just full of all the feelings because lots of big things in my life have happened in the Spring, so regardless of how strong I feel emotionally, this time of year hits my sensitive soul hard.

But enough of that sappy talk, 'cause don't you remember how the pictures told me life is good?!  Life is full and love wins.  March included Spring Break in Texas, Easter with family, and evenings outside.  I'm hoping to post more pictures from Spring Break in a separate post, because that was a fun time.  But for now, this is a glimpse of what our days looked like in March.  Ordinary unadventures, but wonderfully grand nonetheless, because man oh man, we have the best people in our life.   The very best.

February UNadventures

Thursday, April 7, 2016

February.  Already two months ago.  February felt full.  A good kind of full.  Busy, but with fun stuff, like the St. John's Auction and a dinner date out with friends to celebrate Valentine's Day.  February included the prettiest flowers and yummiest sweet treats.  Maybe it was February when I remember realizing that just a handful of simple dinners with some friends (who are like family) had turned into a tradition.  Yes, I think it was February, I named it as a new tradition and felt happiness spread throughout me. It was a reminder that most of my favorite things in this life revolve around good people and good food.  I started repeating this little phrase to myself: "Put a dinner on it."  It's of course a shoutout to Portlandia's "put a bird on it" skit.  I was more amused with myself about this than I should have been, I'll admit it.  But this new mantra might be the key to my eternal happiness within my village.  The theory is a work in progress though, so we'll just have to see how it goes.  We relaxed at home, but also ventured outside more as the days started showing signs of warmer weather.  We explored the Plaza District.  Then the kids got to spend time in Texas with their grandparents, while Jaron and I visited New Orleans for a weekend and had the best time.  We ended the month, gathered together with loved ones to remember and celebrate a brave boy.  February was good, filled just right with adventures and unadventures that overshadowed life's difficulties.


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