Monday, October 13, 2014

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Emmitt:  This kid's newest obsession is bugs, specifically going outside to find a worm or roly poly to bring back inside and put in a bowl, up on the shelf between our kitchen and breakfast nook.  Fairly weird.  But even weirder is that he also likes to put a bow tie in the bowl.  I'm not sure what the bow tie's purpose is, but I'm clearly very stupid when it comes to these things, so I'll just trust him on this one.  I am wild about the fact that E seems to have such interest and affection for all God's creatures (even the ones that I think are icky).  Hope I can help encourage this as he continues to grow.   
Cora:  (Guys.  I love muffins so much.  For one thing, they're the perfect vehicle for butter.  And they're the only thing I really feel comfortable making in the kitchen.  I've been thinking a lot about muffins and sometime I just need to write a whole essay about how they act as an important metaphor for my life, but that's gonna have to be for another day.)  I made whole wheat oatmeal muffins one afternoon last week and while we were waiting for them, Cora sat down in front of the oven and peered inside.  It was the sweetest thing and I quickly ran to grab my camera, hoping not to disturb her, but by the time I took a photo, this is what I got... she had turned around and was coming for the camera.  Still pretty cute though.  

Oh friends, have a good week, will ya?! 


Tuesday, October 7, 2014

For my 32nd birthday, Jaron and I got to stay a night away, without the kids.  It was actually the first time I've been away from Cora, so I was a little nervous about it, but the kids did really well (or at least that's what Jaron's sweet, sweet parents told us).  We stayed in a newly renovated hotel, the Ambassador, in Midtown.  It was fabulous and beautiful and comfortable.  We ate a delicious meal at Red Prime steakhouse on Friday night.  And another delicious meal for breakfast on Saturday at Waffle Champion.  And another delicious snack at Browns Bakery while on a walk, approximately 30min (maybe less) after eating breakfast, because... donuts.  I mean, what're you gonna do?  It was all so good (Okay fine.  It was perfect.) and I was sad when it was done, but glad to get back to our rot bots.  Got to celebrate again with the fam at my parents' on my actual birthday.  It was a great birthday, and I'm looking forward to tackling some resolutions for myself this year.  I'm still working them out, but will probably write more about them at some point.  Here are lots of phone photos from our night away, including an unreasonable amount of selfies, but again, what're you gonna do?  You start to act crazy when you eat a full meal without being interrupted and sleep through the night.  So many thanks to my husband, who always makes my birthday so special.  He's my favorite husband.  Love his guts.  Times infinity.    

^^new jewelry from Jar^^
^^loved the furniture... this mirror!^^


Sunday, October 5, 2014

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

E&C:  Here are my little stinkers on my birthday last Sunday.  I call them stinkers, but they're really the best!  We all wore blue.  A few of us were in blue, so we made it a thing.  Cora is wearing the sweetest little vintage dress that my Aunt Polly found, and I was so happy to discover it fits now.  We've been going to a new church this year, and for my birthday we visited our old church to see dear friends and hear my mom preach.  What a great day!  

Happy Sunday, friends!

A Little Off (Some Thoughts on Summer)

Saturday, October 4, 2014

This summer was really good.  Good family time, good friend time, some travel, some parties, some growing kids whom I adore.  There is so much good that I could write on from this summer.  There are so many pictures that tell those stories well.  It is marked as a good summer in my mind.  I will remember it as such.

And yet, a phrase kept going through my head all through the long summer days.  Over and over.  I just feel a little off.  I didn't feel depressed or any more anxious than I've been in the past.  Just off.  It's been harder for me to make it to playdates, bible studies, errands, and other extra stuff that I'm not required to be at.

Here's the thing.  My arthritis has been a bit of a beast the last several months.  I'm usually hesitant to talk about it in any real, serious manner with people.  I'm quick to brush it off, because I know for the most part, my arthritis (and Lupus) has been well managed and it could always be worse, so there's no point in worrying too much about it.  But this summer, it has not been well managed.  I've been fatigued, uncomfortable, and daily tasks have become pretty difficult on many days.

I've been slow to write about this though.  I don't want to come across as complain-y (oh, that's not a word?).  I don't want to sound like I need pity.  And I don't have any wise, tie-it-neatly-with-a-bow-because-it's-over advice.  The truth is I feel so incredibly grateful for this life I have.  It is full and I am blessed with gobs of beauty around me.  And the truth is also that my arthritis is bumming me out.  And I don't want to always feel off.

So at the risk of being complain-y, I'm letting you in on this annoying arthritis business.  Because as you may have noticed, I haven't written much lately and I think partly I'm having trouble moving past this.  It's been a big part of my life lately, and it feels a little dishonest to just skip over it.  I don't plan on dwelling on it in this space (I'm gonna save that for Jaron and my parents, the lucky dogs ;)), but I may find that the blog is a helpful resource for processing the slow, sometimes painful and off-feeling times.

I must end with emphasizing the good in my life.  Gosh, it's an embarrassing amount of good.  All the love, support, beauty, and realness keep me hopeful and strong, even when my body is weak.

And hey, here are some pictures with our tree.  You know the one.  We've made it through all four seasons.  Way to go, us!  If you need a refresher, check out the others: Fall, Winter, Spring.  And now we can jump right back into Fall, where it all began.


Thursday, October 2, 2014

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

Emmitt:  E got to go see Thomas the Train with his Nana and Papi on Saturday, and he came home with a new train set.  Here, he is eagerly waiting for it to be all set up.  I walked over to grab a picture from above of him watching the work his Papi was doing, but he looked up right as I snapped the camera.  
Cora:  C was playing around and fighting a nap, when all of the sudden she laid down flat and rested her head on the floor so sweetly.  I tried to take a quick picture, just as she looked up and fussed at me.  

Interestingly, I took both E and C's picture last Saturday in almost the exact same spot, at completely different times during the day.  I hadn't taken any other pictures with the camera during the week and was hoping to snag a few, and it turns out the only ones I got were very similar.

I've taken quite a break.  It sort of just happened because of life and such.  And now I'm having trouble getting back into a blogging routine, even though there's so much I want to write about.  So there's that.  But, Happy (almost) Weekend, ya crazies!


Monday, September 22, 2014

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

E&C:  Last Sunday evening we all played outside, running around the backyard.  E played with sticks and looked for bugs, C slid down our small slide and drove E's toy cars, J built a fire, and G captured it all with photos.  I love that both of these pictures show the kids in motion.  Pretty good representation of life right now.  In motion.  Always.  Also, Cora has crocs on.  She looks a little like an old lady in this outfit and it makes me the happiest.  Can't get enough of her curls blowing in the wind either.  Reminds me of the rat tail E used to have.  These kids are busy and growing and our most favorite.  

Happy Week, friends!


Sunday, September 14, 2014

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014."

E&C:  I posted a different picture from this same series on Instagram the other day.  These kiddos have so much personality and I love seeing all of their expressions.  We were getting ready for Cora's 15mo. well check and they had climbed into this laundry basket, so I decided to drive them around the house picking up the clothes we needed and making stops for diaper changes and such.  It was pretty fun and I wasn't the worst for a few moments.  It was kind of a weird week with Cora having a cold and Emmitt having some sort of virus, but there was so much good too.  I think this picture shows that really well.  

This is an iPhone photo.  I didn't take any pictures on the real camera last week, because I'm the worst.  There it is.  No, I'm kidding.  But hey, maybe I'll blog again someday soon.  Happy Week, friends!  I never think you're the worst.

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