Thursday, February 9, 2012

That's what I call her (because it's right). Some people know her as Rosemary, and that's okay. But she'll always be Alice to me (because it's right). She's my sister and here are some things about her:

-She's really funny and she does great impressions, and she always works to see the humor in life, even when this is tough.
-She is a wonderful storyteller, especially when it comes to stories about her boys or even general daily happenings. (I really appreciate a good storyteller. Kinda have tried to surround myself with them and I've gotta say, I've done a hell of a job!)
-She's one of the smartest (if not THE smartest) people I know. She's always been really advanced in learning. So much so, in fact, that when stupid ol' me came along, my mom was actually concerned that I wasn't reading by the time I was in first grade, you know, when they were teaching us to read, because it was so much later than Alice had done this. (Side Note: What the what, mom?!?) :)
-She is absolutely beautiful. Inside and out. Enough said.
-When she was in preschool, she told her teacher that she hurt her popliteal fossa, in reference to the back of her knee.
-When I was a little one, she would sing to me, "Gracer facer, what do ya say? Ba-Dum, Ba-Dump. Gracer, facer, what does urs say? Ba-Dum, Ba-Dump?" I loved this and our parents thought it was so cute...up until about the 87th time in a row she sang it.
-She's your gal if you need someone to be in a rage with you about something. And let's be honest, we all need that kinda support at some time!
-She is an extremely talented actress and director. No really, you should go see her.
-She's very crafty. She can scrapbook with the best of them!
-She is kind and loving. She is an incredible mom and I am so lucky to have her help me in my new role as mama. I can only hope to be as good of a mom to Emmitt as she is to Xander and JD.
-We are very different in some ways, but also very alike. I love spending time with her. She is my friend and my sister and Ilovehersisterfriendguts!
-Today's her birthday. And I hope it's the b.e.s.t., b.e.s.t., b.e.s.t., BEST!!!


  1. Love this-especially the part about how if you need someone to be in a rage with you, she's your gal!



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