A lot of things didn't go my way.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Last fall, my sister picked her boys up from school and on the drive home she asked how their days were. JD quickly replied that he had a terrible day, because "a lot of things didn't go my way. When I wanted to do cutting and drawing, it was rest time, but then when I wanted to take a rest, it was time for cutting and drawing." Oh man, don't you know the feeling? Also you should imagine him saying that with pouted lips and sad, concerned eyes (we're unsure where these boys get their flare for the dramatic). This story has become a family favorite and therefore we use the phrase, "a lot of things didn't go my way" quite often.

Well, last week I kinda felt like a lot of things didn't go my way. Not so cute and hilarious when a 29 year old says it. The truth of the matter is that a lot of things did go my way, and only a few didn't. Yet somehow I allowed myself to focus more on the negative. I was going to just let this post pass on by and not write about it, because frankly it's embarrassing for me to be anything but grateful for all that I have. I've been having a lovely week... then, this morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed- nope- the wrong side of the chair in Emmitt's room, and I was a huge grump to my sweet and comforting husband. What's that? Oh yes. Yes it is the same husband who just had knee surgery. I know, I'm the absolute worst. I really don't feel like things aren't going my way, but I did decide that I should be honest about these shortcomings as we begin Lent.

One thing I really like about Lent is that it's another opportunity to look at your life and examine how you're doing, what you need to work on, how you could be a better person. If you've already failed on your New Years Resolutions, you have another chance at disciplining and improving yourself. I've told you I have a tendency toward getting a little overwhelmed, worried, stressed. Emmitt has helped me a lot with this. I don't want to miss a thing with him, so I am doing better at enjoying the present. Yet I still often have to renew my effort to not catastrophize over this and that. Maybe this blog's purpose is to help me with that. I certainly don't want to write post after post about being a worry wart.

I'll leave you with something that always goes my way:

JD is my nephew. He is sweet, funny, smart and affectionate. He is STRONG WILLED. And he's not afraid to tell it like it is (even if that means making it up).

Here's to a happy and focused Lent for us all!


  1. Oh girl! I totally know what you mean. It just seems like focusing on the negative and being pouty comes so easily to me. Even with Eli- we'll have several great hours or days and then we'll have a rough afternoon. I will totally focus on that and feel like a terrible Mom. I'm working on focusing on the toothless grins and the sweet baby talk!

  2. You girls are the best! I don't have the baby but I do this too sometimes. Just for the record, I don't think there is a right side when you're waking up in a chair! Love you!

  3. Grace- I adore that you woke up in a chair. No lie, my "baby" is almost 3, and unfortunately this is still happening. Pre-baby, I could never have slept in a chair, but ah the wonders of sweet children. hahaha.

    1. Oh Laura, I find it both comforting and disturbing that you're still sleeping in a chair. Comforting b/c it's always nice to connect with other people who are dealing with similar things. Disturbing b/c it's hard to imagine doing this for an extended period. I do know that he'll go through different phases with his sleep and that's okay :). As I write this, I hear him crying in the other room. I just put him in his crib (asleep!), but his current phase is to refuse to sleep anywhere but on me or Jaron. Ah the wonders of sweet children is right, haha! I'm coming baby boy...



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