Start a blog in 2012?

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Alright already, I'll finally share some on the purpose for this blog. Start a blog in 2012? was one of my New Years Resolutions. I've never really had any interest in starting a blog, didn't even follow many other blogs, but for some reason the idea of a blog kept popping in my mind. That's why I stuck it on the list of resolutions, but added a question mark to decrease the pressure. I wasn't sure what I could offer the blog world, or more importantly, what it could offer me. But as I said, the idea kept presenting itself to me, so I thought I should at least explore it more.

I started thinking of what kinds of things I would want to write about, if I were to start a blog. Two of my loves came to mind: Decorating and Storytelling.

I could write about my house stuff, decorating, and me and Jaron's projects. While this sounded fun, I felt a little insecure about sharing my ideas in a public forum. I love decorating our home and it is very much an ongoing process, but I don't presume to think others would care much about what goes into my decisions on this front. I'm no expert, so I also worried how I could describe what we do in a way that was engaging and helpful. So the decorating aspect needed work before I was willing to start a blog.

I love stories, always have. As a little girl, I would prefer my parents to tell me a story instead of read a book before bedtime. I love that in my family and group of friends, there are some stories that we tell over and over again, knowing full well that we've all heard the story a million times, but retelling and reliving it with enough passion to make you think it was the first time. I thought it might be nice to start documenting some of these stories in a new way.

I decided to continue to think about these ideas until I had the perfect plan, and then, just maybe, I would start a blog. The more I thought about it though, the stupider I decided my ideas were. Then, two of my besties talked about restarting blogs they already had, and as we discussed this, we decided to all just go for it (you can find their blogs here and here). So I jumped right in, which is probably best, because when was I ever going to have the perfect plan for a blog? I decided that if it's a clustercuss, oh well. It could be my clustercuss to enjoy with my friends.

It is my goal to both tell stories that I love and share some of our house projects. And then there will almost certainly be other ideas and developments for the blog as I go. I love staying home with Emmitt, but the idea of starting something and working toward something separate from being a mom, is intriguing. Although, of course being a mom is what I'm doing now and will definitely be a part of the blog. It's a little bit scary and I don't know exactly what I'm doing, which is another aspect that is appealing. My life is in a transition period and I'm trying to be open to that. Starting a blog is one direction life is heading in 2012. Join me on this journey, if you'd like. Okay ick! I'm going to try really hard to not be that cheesy in the future.

Hope you all are having a fabulous weekend! We're having a nice little Saturday here. It has included new kicks for me and Jaron and Emmitt getting to drive the stroller at the mall, which he loved. He did not love toppling on the floor as he lost his balance while cruising along the ottoman in our TV room, but he got over it pretty quickly. The day will end with Date Night!


  1. So excited about your blog! Great new kicks and Emmitt is so cute, even when sad :)

  2. Ditto, Caitlin. I love your blog Grace!



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