Date Night!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Jaron and I went out to celebrate Valentine's Day last Saturday, and as usual for a date night, we had a great time together. In preparation of the date, I started thinking of some of our past Valentine's dates, specifically the very first one.

Jaron and I had been dating about a month when Valentine's Day arrived. He picked me up and gave me a dozen red roses and a burned CD of songs in which he affectionately entitled "Mixed Tape." We had recently watched High Fidelity together, so this was a really sweet touch. He took me to Pappadeaux, a seafood restaurant with Cajun style food. I typically gravitate toward whatever meal comes with mashed potatoes. That meal turned out to be roasted chicken, which was very good, but the mashed potatoes were to.die.for. They were the best non-family made mashed potatoes I had ever had. I was hooked. Pappadeaux became one of our go-to date night restaurants. I evolved in what main course I would get, but I always got a side of mashed potatoes.

Recalling this led me to think more about our relationship in Fort Worth and I remembered another special night that we went to Pappadeaux together. It was the night Jaron proposed to me. He took me to Pappadeaux, where we had a delicious meal, and then after dinner he told me we had to run back to my house because he had to help one of my roommates with something. When we arrived at the house, he walked in before me and as I entered, I discovered that the lights were off and the living and dining rooms were filled with rose petals and tea candles, and my roommates were nowhere to be seen. Tricked! It was so lovely and romantic. Jaron knelt on one knee and said lots of beautiful things -which I forgot as soon as he had said them- and then he presented me with a gorgeous ring and asked me to marry him. Yes, yes, a thousand times YES!

My godfather, Dennis swore that I told him this story differently. He would laugh and tell the version that he remembered. It went something like this:

Jaron took me to this awesome restaurant, Pappadeaux! Have I told you about it?! It has the best mashed potatoes EVER! They are so creamy, buttery, garlicky, melt in your mouth, to.die.for! Jaron got crawfish étouffée, his favorite thing there and then he had sweet potato pecan pie, which he loves. We had it with wine and bread, and it was all so delicious. We had the best time! Oh, and then after dinner, we got engaged.

Haha! I promise that's not how I told him. But he did know that I appreciated a good meal! He would have been glad to know that the mashed potatoes at Cheever's, where we went last Saturday, did not disappoint. We had mashed potatoes! Oh, and Jaron and I went on a date, and got to spend some quality time together and listened to great music.

For those of you that care about that sorta thing, I'll go ahead and tell you more about the food and music. I got the chicken fried steak, on a bed of mashed potatoes (duh!) and covered with jalapeno gravy. Jaron got the special, which was a ribeye, topped with a cheese enchilada (yeah, you read that right!) and covered with ancho chili sauce. We had yummy salads, rolls, and Honig Cabernet Sauvignon. Jaron was the DJ for the car and the playlist included some of my favorites: "Falling" by Ben Kweller, "Portions for Foxes" by Rilo Kiley, and "Blue Eyes" by the Cary Brothers. The night was perfection. Thanks 9E and LV for watching E!

I love you, Jar. Thanks for being my husband and thanks for all the mashed potatoes. I look forward to enjoying many more plates of them with you.


  1. You love me as much as mashed potatoes?! My heart is melting into a bed of delicious complex carbohydrates! You did forget to mention the coffee flan topped with a praline sauce. I love you so much!

  2. YUM! You two are making me drool over all that food :) You guys look great, so glad you had a fun date night! Love you both!

  3. It just makes a mother's heart so proud to be assured that she has raised her kid to know what's REALLY important : )



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