Fabric Store Face

Saturday, March 24, 2012

This weekend I made a yarn and felt wreath for our front door to celebrate the new season. I tried this craft out last month and made a few as gifts, but I have been dying to make one for myself. When I went to Michael's to get the supplies for this project, I took a few pictures of Emmitt as we shopped. I immediately thought I needed to send them to my dad, so he could see that Emmitt is surely his grandson.

My parents talk about the "fabric store face." It refers to the face my dad would make when he would go to the fabric store with my mom early in their marriage. He explains it as a face that's not angry or annoyed, but rather shows a loss of hope and a realization that this is just the way your life will be from here on out. He also compares it to a bit of a constipated look. My parents said that if you would look around the fabric store, you would see this look on the male faces as their spouses handed them yard after yard of fabric to carry.

The pictures of Emmitt show this look. At first he enjoyed holding and playing with the wreaths that I had put in the cart, but as we continued shopping, his look changed and he appeared to have resigned himself to the fact that he was stuck shopping with his mom, probably forever.

What store makes you sport the fabric store face?


  1. Okay- I love this! Brandon totally has a "Target face" accompanied by sighs and other noises conveying his boredom. Target is a wandering store. I can't just get in and get out without a small amount of browsing. It drives him nuts! I totally miss it when he's gone! Eli has been an excellent Target companion, but I think he may be developing his own "Target face". Uh oh.

  2. Haha! His fabric store face is so cute though! Also, how do you get the pics in a row like that? :)

  3. Um, that is cute! Also, how about some pics of the wreaths? I want to see them!

  4. It's okay, we still think you're very manly Emmitt! I admit Dean hates the mall, but I have deeply ingrained his love for Target. Much to Jeff's chagrin, he regularly comments on certain things being "cute" at Target. (guess I better watch my mouth, haha!) Of course now that he's older he's figured out that Target has LOTS of toys, and I can't seem to avoid that section anymore. :(

  5. We first noticed the fabric store face on these weather beaten, stoic farmers and ranchers who had driven in to Lubbock, TX (the hub of the South Plains) to stock up on supplies. It often looked like there was going to be some SERIOUS quilting going on--maybe every new calf got there own quilt--I don't know. But it's always expressed a sort of quiet acceptance and a let's just get it over with attitude that can often serve you well. I think.



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