House Project: Kitchen

Friday, March 9, 2012

Isn't this blog also about house stuff?! Yes, but guys, don't you remember that I'm a little unsure of how to present that stuff? Well, I'm just going to try it out and learn as I go.

Our current big project is painting the kitchen. It's been a bold orange, which we enjoyed, but we've been ready for a change for awhile. Jaron is the Hill House painter. He is really good. He does a great job, he's pretty quick, he's efficient, and he doesn't have to use tape (it's amazing!). Seriously, if Jaron ever has to look for a career change, I think he could make a nice living as a house painter. But I'll take him as my very own, personal painter for now. I should probably take some credit for his mad skills. After all, with my encouragement, we've painted every room in the house, some more than once. I hear Jaron sighing somewhere. When we started, I painted with him as well, but he's gotten so good that he usually does the brunt of the painting now. But I also can't forget to mention all the help we've received from family and friends to get painting projects done- it's been much appreciated!

Anyway, as I mentioned, we both have been ready for a change in there. Really we've been ready for an overhaul, but we were tolerating the kitchen as it was. I figured I couldn't request another room painting for a while, so when Jaron told me he wanted to paint it, I was shocked and thrilled. I also already had an idea in mind for what to do. I had pinned a picture of a kitchen on Pinterest last fall that I loved. I showed Jaron and he was up for looking for a similar paint color.

I'll let you know early on that we're not scared of color at the Hill House. It's like a crayon box up in here! Sometimes I really wish I could put together a more neutral palette, but the truth is I'm always drawn to rooms with pops of color.

The kitchen on Pinterest was featured on a blog called The Decorista and is an image from Harpers Bazaar, of designer Veronica Swanson Beard's home. Here is the inspiration:

Jaron started painting on New Years Eve, but with a road trip to Tennessee in January and then his knee surgery in February, the project has been at a stand still for a while. Jaron's parents came to visit last weekend and were a huge help in getting the walls painted (Thank you!). I'll do another post with before, during and after photos, but for now I just wanted to introduce the project.

What projects do you all have going on? House or other? Big or small? In effect or in your dreams?


  1. We have painted every room in the house twice except for two. They will remain nameless so as to not remind the lady of the house.

  2. I am so excited about this! I love that your house is so colorful and I love that it's always evolving. It's such a joyful home! That color is beautiful. I need some painting done in my house. Is Jaron for hire? Lol. :)

  3. I love that color, especially with the dark wood floor! Good luck, and when he's done, could you send your man to help my man finish our media room?

  4. Last summer I painted a bright green accent wall in my bedroom (and the other walls gray), which I adore. I used tape and STILL messed up. Oh to have Jaron's skills!=)

  5. I'll just send Jar to your houses when he's done with the kitchen :). Sarah, can't wait to see some pics of your media room- sounds so fun! Laura, I love green and gray! You should send a pic! I'm seriously a junkie for houses, pics of rooms, etc, etc. And I too mess up, even with the tape :)

  6. So, I'm just getting caught up on this oh-so-fabulous blog that I completely adore, just as I adore you! And just because I'm neurotic (like you but in a different way) I started reading it from the beginning (February) to end. What can I say? I'm a rule-follower. Anyway, I digress. I love all of the posts so far, but felt compelled to comment on this particlar one. (This is no way disqualifies me from commenting again as I get caught up on more recent posts, right?) Whoops, digressing again. Ok...comments...

    1. I love the new kitchen color for two main reasons:
    a. Blue (really any color, but especially blue) is WAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYY better than orange. For anything. Anything.
    b. It looks really, really happy.

    2. If Jaron decides to quit his job, I propose that Chris quits as well and we start a "family business". Painting & remodeling. Chris & Jaron do the work; you & I spend the money. Deal?

    3. I love your crayola house and live vicariously through your color choices. I'm too chicken to paint any colors I love on the wall, so sometimes I close my eyes and pretend our walls look the same as yours. Ok, not really on that last part. :) :)

    1. Julie, thank you so much for your sweet comments. I really appreciate them and they mean so much coming from you, as I LOVE your home and think you can style a flat surface better than anyone I know :)! And helloooo, let's get on that family business! I love that idea! Also, I was telling Jaron about your reason for liking the kitchen color and before I even got through explaining it, he said "because anything's better than orange." haha, nailed it.



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