Happy Mother's Day!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Hello friends,
I'm hoping you're all doing well!  I've been slacking on the ol' blog, but hoping to get back to it and post more regularly.  The last month has been quite something, filled with treasured memories.  I will try to post some on it, including pics of E's first birthday and other fun happenings.  I also need to post some after pics of our kitchen.  I really need to get to work, huh?!

But on to more important things.... Happy Mother's Day to all the official and unofficial moms out there!  It's a lovely day to celebrate all those women in our lives who nurture, support, and encourage.  But as with any holiday, a bit of sadness and longing can also accompany the celebration.  Praying that all of your days were filled with happiness!

Now I'm gonna do that thing I do and post a pic from last Mother's Day and this one.  Annoying?  Well, I like to see the comparison and to have a pic to remind me of the day.  Fingers crossed, I'll be posting again soon.  Bye for now.

Mother's Day 2011, EGH 3 weeks old

Mother's Day 2012, EGH almost 13 months old


  1. Love those pictures! How much longer can he just keep getting cuter and cuter?!?

  2. Seriously! He is precious. Happy Mothers Day to YOU Grace! Love you!

  3. Happy Mother's Day Grace! Love your little man. Can't believe how he's changed!



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