Some tid bits on E, and the things that he loves.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Emmitt is at such a fun age!  I decided to record some of what he's doing these days.

One of his biggest accomplishments as of late is that he is a walking man!  He has been taking steps since Mother's Day weekend, but last week he started taking off, on his own, all the time, everywhere.  He loves his newly acquired independence and is not so impressed when his mom steers him away from something... because it clearly must be awesome if she won't let him get to it, right?!

He love-love-loves being outside.  His 9E and LV have a clubhouse/slide/swing set in their backyard and whenever we go over there, he makes his way to the backdoor and pounds on it (often accompanied by some yelling) to let us know he wants out.  Then when he gets in his very own baby swing, he just relaxes, often becomes a bit serious, and seems to have a great time.  The adults can usually work pretty hard to be silly and make him smile while swinging, but if JD or Xander even step outside he just cracks up, and his eyes follow them wherever they go.  His Nana and Papi have also added a swing to their backyard, which he loves.  I guess his mom and dad need to get on it with some sort of swing... although he does have some pretty fun rocks and dirt to play with in our backyard.

He loves climbing steps and wants to do it like grown-ups- one foot per step- so he leans way back to reach his leg out and step down, then immediately reaches the other leg out.  It's actually a lot of work for whoever is climbing up with him, but it is oh so cute.   As soon as he gets to the top of the stairs he just turns around to go back down.  Last week Alice and her boys came over and we were doing sidewalk chalk in our front yard.  He started climbing our front steps with Alice, and since there were only 3 steps, she was able to just turn around in a circle as he alternated going up and down the steps, over and over.

Emmitt is very cuddly.  Sometimes when I pick him up, he'll rest his head on my shoulder and put his arm tightly around my neck for a minute.  Oh. my. goodness.  I could hold him like this forever.

My heart melts every time he waves and says, "bye bye."

He has a new fascination with fans.  He was interested in fans as a little baby, as many babies are.  But now he wants to pull on the chords to see the change in speed.  We've discussed how fans go around and around and around, and now he's started pointing to them and waving his arm and hand in a round motion as he says an adorable variation of "round, round, round."  He's got the r sound of it down.  However, he makes it very clear to us that he is not our monkey and will rarely do this if we're trying to show someone.

He is also fascinated with window blind chords.  He likes to pull on them and is especially impressed if the blinds go up or down.

He loves animals.  He is really interested in our cats and dog (Roy, Mona, and Eva), and likes petting them.  Athough he is still learning the difference between petting and pulling/hitting.  When the cats meow, he mimics them with this sound that sort of sounds like a meow.  He has repeated some other animal sounds when we're looking at animals in books or playing with toys, but I think the meow may be his general animal sound, because the other day he was sitting on my lap and a baby bear was on the news and he kinda pointed at the TV and made that sound.    

He's been getting a good start on testing boundaries and trying to be clear on what is and isn't okay.  For example, he often picks up some pet hair from the floor (I have a weird thing about hair.  Not that anyone especially enjoys eating hair, but I'm kinda paranoid of it) and starts to put it in his mouth.  When I say no, he looks directly at me and slowly moves his hand from the floor to his mouth, as if to say, "what mom, is this the thing you don't want me to do, right here?"  He does this all the time with stuff I've said no to- stops, faces me, looks at me very intently, and then very slowly and deliberately does the thing I've said no to.  I'm actually pretty impressed with this and have to work hard not to laugh at it.

If we are taking him away from something he wants to do for whatever reason, he makes a tight little "o" with his mouth and makes this sound of disapproval.  Again, pretty funny.

He is a happy boy most of the time, and smiles and laughs for us.  And whenever we find something that makes him laugh, we repeat it for as long as it will make him produce that joyous sound.  But he can be pretty serious too.  In new situations he is initially very quiet, and he just stares at people and checks out everything around him.

He's not a great napper.  Never has been.  I think he just has too much work to do, and his mean ol' mom is always trying to keep him from getting it done.

He is so ready to really talk.  He appears to have a lot to say.  Probably much of it is to tell us everything we're doing wrong, because he's gotten into the habit of screeching when we don't do something quick enough.

He has a rat tail.  For real.  We've been joking that he was going to get a mullet or rat tail, because the curl in the back of his head seemed to be growing at a much faster pace than the rest of his hair.  And now the rat tail is in full effect, friends.  I've braided it a few times.  It's getting a little out of control, but I'm not ready to cut it.  Like father, like son.  When Jaron was in grade school, he chose (yes, chose) to get a rat tail, because he wanted to be like his older cousin, Colin, who also had one.  Uh-mazing.

Speaking of Jaron, Emmitt is reminding me more and more of him.  Little things he does, like the way he sleeps and certain facial expressions, remind me of his dad.  I like that.

Well that was more than just some tid bits on E, and I've thought of a few other things (his teeth, his goofy smile, clapping, dancing), but I will stop now since most of you are already sleeping.  He really is such a sweet boy, even when he is showing signs of toddlerhood :).  LOVE that he is ours!


  1. Okay. I'm OB-sessed with him! It's so fun to see his little personality and how he's growing. I cannot wait to see him and hug him! Little boys are so fun!

  2. Aw, so sweet! I have to admit I miss those know, before they can talk back and be little heathens. haha =)

  3. Thanks, friends. Oh Laura, I bet! I almost wrote that I know I will find some of these things less cute one day, haha ;). Little boys...



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