The Swing Set

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

In my last post on E, I mentioned the swing set at my parents' house.  I added a few stories about it, but that post ended up being so long, I decided to give them their own post.  So here they are.

1) A few weeks ago, we had a family gathering over at my parents because Kevin, one of Emmitt's godfathers (Oddfather) was in town.  I was out pushing Emmitt in the swing, and JD and Adeline, Jaron and I's goddaughter, were also swinging.  We were having a grand ol' time and the kiddos were making me smile.  At one point, Adeline said something to the effect of, "Why did DD (that's what she calls my mom) want this thing?" (in reference to the clubhouse/slide/swing set).  I explained that she wanted it so the kids, like them, could play in it and have a great time when they came over.  And without missing a beat, JD proudly chimed in, "Yeah, my dad and my Uncle Jaron worked their heart on this thing!" This is so sweet, because Chris and Jaron really did work very hard putting it together.  Also, I love that JD said they "worked their heart on this thing," not they "worked their heart out on this thing."  Just makes it extra awesome.  

2)  My mom took Emmitt out to swing last week and as she was strapping him in, JD said, "what are you doing?"  She explained that she was buckling Emmitt in so he wouldn't fall out, to which JD replied, "LV never does that."  Hahaha, busted!  

I think we'll have lots more fun stories on this swing set.  


  1. HAHA! Ratted out by the little man! I love it. Your parents backyard must be such a fun and bustling place these days :)

  2. Just as JD has noticed that LV never buckles Emmitt in, I suspect it won't be too long before Emmitt notices that sometimes JD uses the swings in a somewhat nonstandard way (2 swings at once, holding on to one swing while you swing in the other so you go crazy crooked, etc) and he will be wanting to try that, too!



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