Out and About in OKC: Caffé Pranzo

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Got to spend Friday with both my boys! One of my favorite things to do is run errands with my husband and baby man.  We get to listen to music in the car, be productive and get some stuff done, maybe grab a delicious treat, but most of all, we get to hang out together while we're out and about.  I realize this makes me sound pretty boring.  But really, I'm pretty boring.    

Jaron was out of town most of the week, but he got back Thursday night and decided to take Friday off so we could get a few things done.  We're scheduled to start construction on a new garage at the end of the month, so we had to work on preparations for that.  We ran errands in the morning and then went out to lunch as a family at one of the best restaurants EVER!  Caffé Pranzo: my favorite since Junior High.  Love, love, love.  We go sometimes for date nights, but it's harder to make it there for lunch.  It's such a treat for lunch though, because they have an awesome sandwich that they don't serve at dinner (Southern Ranch!).  

Caffé Pranzo (or the Pranz, as our family affectionately calls it) is an Italian restaurant and it's the perfect balance of nice and casual.  It can be a great romantic spot, but it was totally acceptable to take Emmitt there as well.  They display local artists' work on the walls, they have a collection of interesting salt and pepper shakers, the service is great and we recognize and know many of the employees from years of patronage.  And the food... oh the food.  If they ever decide to close their doors, my heart will literally break into a thousand pieces.  Yeah, I said literally and I'm not apologizing for it.  No, actually I am.  It won't literally, but I will be oh so sad.  And for a nice, delicious restaurant, it is very reasonably priced.  It is an OKC must, if I do say so myself.  So get on it, friends!


  1. That sandwich! Love it. And Emmitt's shorts, how is he so cute?!

  2. I miss Caffe Pronzo! So many great memories there! Emmitt is so precious!

  3. I think Pronzo has been your favorite since 4th grade! Remember when you would always order a "white" pizza (just bread and cheese) and a Dr. Pepper? Now I'm feeling the need to go there for lunch!

  4. I love Caffe Pranzo! Yum! And how have I never had that sandwich?? Running errands with Brandon is one of the things I always miss the most when he's gone. Emmitt looks like such a big boy! Can't wait to see him!



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