Things that I'm loving

Monday, July 23, 2012

1. Stripes

Repin Via: Eat.Sleep.Wear.

I've been trying to shop my closet lately and use what I have.  I notice I keep reaching for my clothes with stripes.

2. Baskets

Medium Senegalese Lidded Basket/Hamper - Aqua Blue

I love a good basket, because it can be both attractive and super useful to organize and limit clutter.  I'm crazy for baskets like this one.  I've seen a few on pinterest but I have my eyes specifically on the ones at the online shop, Pretty Mommy.  This shop is another awesome discovery made through this Living With Kids interview on Design Mom.

3. Bamboo shades

Ever since we moved into this house, I've gone back and forth on what to do with the windows in our breakfast nook, and I think I've finally decided to put up bamboo shades, or something similar, probably with some curtains as well.

4. This coffee

Jaron had a business trip in New Orleans in May, and he brought back this delicious coffee from Café du Monde.  Ohmigoodness, it is so good! We ordered more online, and it makes us glad.

5. This little guy

I realize videoing this only encourages him, which isn't great, especially since usually this drives me a little bonkers.  But Kristin had just sent me a video of her little guy crawling!  I watched her baby completing this wonderful milestone, smiling ear to ear, and then looked over at E and saw him perfecting the age old trick of playing with food.  Awesome.  I couldn't help but video it.  He knows it makes me crazy, which adds to its appeal, I'm sure.  But really, everyone loves a good spit take.  Amiright?!

Hope you all have a happy week!


  1. You are the thing I like. And your blog.

  2. I went to Gap yesterday and all I bought was stripes. They are everywhere, I love them too.




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