Ear infections, and dog scratches, and straightener burns, oh my!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Well if there was any question before (there wasn't) on whether or not I was in the running for Mom of the Year in 2012, this week has decided for sure that I am not.  My poor little man has had a rough several days.  This weekend he developed a terrible cough that made him cry out in pain and become restless and uncomfortable all through the nights.  His breathing sounded so yucky and we could tell he didn't feel good.  When I took him to the Dr. on Monday, I discovered he had an ear infection in both ears.  Awesome.  I realize it's probably not my fault that E got 2 ear infections at the same time, but you'd think since he was already a little under the weather, I'd try to make things as comfortable as possible.  Mom of the Year would do that.

But in the last few days, E has gotten an ugly scratch on his back from Eva (she did feel bad about it) and then burned his sweet baby finger on my straightener.  Umm, somebody should be keeping an eye on that kid (or as Jason says, "teeping" an eye on him).  Really, he's fine and other than a little extra worn out, pretty happy.  I know these things happen, but I sure do feel awful about the events of this week.

I'm of course teasing about the whole Mom of the Year thing.  It was meant to be hilarious.  And it was, right?  Yes, I know what hilarious means.  But to be clear, I'm not trying to promote a competition between moms.  It's hard enough being a mom and I'm a big believer in supporting each other.  I certainly had days at my previous job as well where I felt like I had done everything wrong.  I'm just gonna remind myself of what I've heard some wise friends say:  "Tomorrow's a new day!"

The evenings this week have been beautiful!  Here are a few shots of E playing outside the other night. He sure looks happy in these.  He must be faking all that other stuff.

Here's to getting it right tomorrow (in whatever you're doing)!

P.S.  I know that the rat tail is getting out of control.

P.P.S  I'm still not quite ready to cut it.


  1. Grace! I love this post. We're all human! I particularly identify because yesterday was just a TERRIBLE day with Dean. He was having too much fun at daycare and didn't want to leave, so I eventually had to drag him kicking & screaming (and hair-pulling and biting, etc etc) to the car and literally wrestle him into his seat, all in front of the watchful eye of other parents and teachers. Ugh. By the time I got in the car, we were BOTH crying. But I had to remind myself that every child (and every parent!) has those days. Of course today so far he was fine and sweet as ever. Important thing is- they love you no matter what!

  2. Don't you dare cut that rat tail! I would imagine Eva felt terrible, poor girl, she can't even apologize like you can :) You're the best!! He looks happy and adorable in the pics so I say no harm no foul! Love you!

  3. Oh Laura, I'm so sorry you had a day like that. We've also had that happen a few times where E refused to get in his carseat and we were both crying by the time I got him in. Oh, these boys :). And Cait, so glad you approve of the rat tail, ha! Love you girls!

  4. No need to cut the rat tail. It'll be prefect when he's a nerdy college professor.

  5. I'm glad to know that someone else is in the faux mom of the year competition. i have days like that all of the time when we are both a mess and i'm glad that no one else sees me in those moments. thanks for sharing!



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