Out and About in OKC: The Zoo

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

We had such a cool, 95 degree Saturday that we had to take advantage of it and get outside!  Jaron's parents were in town so we decided to go to the zoo.  Oklahoma City has a really nice zoo.  In fact, my sister basically worships it as a god.  She jokes that when her boys were little, she didn't have parenting skills, she had a zoo pass.  But really it's a perfect outing, because you can get out of your house and into the sunshine to get some vitamin D, you get to see neat animals, and you get a little exercise.  My nephews love the zoo for different reasons.  Xander has always been more interested in the signs and the information than the animals, while JD (Oh, I'm sorry, I mean Jason.  He's decided that's what he wants to be called and it's taking some adjusting for all of us.) loves seeing the animals and making up elaborate stories about who is who and what they're doing and whatnot.  It will be fun to see what Emmitt finds interesting.  For now, he just gets pretty serious, but sure loves being outside.  We were so thankful for the nice weather and that we got to spend it with Nana and Papi!


  1. Love your hat! I always think about your sister and her love of the zoo! I can't wait to take Eli! Glad your having such "cool" weather! Ha. And so happy little E got to hang with his grandparents. So fun!

  2. Thanks friend! Can't wait to take E and E to the zoo together :)



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