Ten on Tuesday

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Kristin and I have decided to start a regular post for Tuesdays:  A list of 10 things.  So here's my first list (and Kristin's is here)!

10 Things about Emmitt George at 16 months:

1)  Things dealing with water:  He loves baths; He loves putting his hands and feet in the dog's water bowl; He loves my water bottle.  At first he just drinks out of it, but then he starts to pull it back and forth, so that water spills everywhere, and if I try to take it away, he holds on to it for dear life and screeches.  Once I'm successful in taking it away, he has himself a little, baby temper tantrum.

2)  He's very into closing doors lately.

3)  He's super interested in toilets and wants to put stuff in them.

4)  He's becoming a pickier eater.  Throws lots of stuff on the floor, even the stuff he likes.

5)  He does a lot of pointing.  Sometimes this is very purposeful, such as he'll point to his sippy cup or a ball that he can't reach, but other times he just points randomly, as if to say he's bored with the current circumstances and wants me to make a change.  The pointing is accompanied by a little sound too.

6)  He still loves being outside.

7)  He gives slobbery, open-mouthed kisses.

8)  He has taken peek-a-boo to a new level, and hides behind the couch and jumps up to scare us.  He loves it, we love it, a good time is had by all!

9)  He always throws his sippy on the floor when he's done with it.  Not even in a mad way, it's just how he does it. every. time.  Oy.  My sister says it's like Thor (I haven't seen the movie, but apparently he does something like this, and it sounds about right).  

10)  Anytime he hears music, he starts clapping and dancing.  If he is playing somewhere in the house and a song comes on the TV or Jaron turns on iTunes, he immediately heads towards the sound.

The list is only for 10 things, so I'm stopping there.  This list included 10 things about my boy and 10 things that I love about him.  Oh how I love him so much.  Jaron and I are still in awe of him and can't believe that we get to spend this life caring for him.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. Okay. I MUST see a video of him trying to scare y'all. I love it! He's growing into such a wonderful little person and so fast! I absolutely love the dancing too. Is there a high kick somewhere in his future? I hear it runs in the family ;)

  2. So sweet. Sounds like a fun and hilarious little boy- much like his parents. Oh, and Dean totally does that with his cups too! Its like he physically can't hold an empty container longer than he needs to. Weird. =)



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