Wednesday, September 5, 2012

You may have already seen this picture, but can I take a minute and tell you why it makes me so happy?  See that beautiful girl in the picture?  She's Misty's firstborn, Molly.  Misty is one of my oldest, dearest, and bestest friends.  We went to the same grade school and we were pretty inseparable between 4th and 7th grades.  Most afternoons after school you could find us at either my parents' house, her mom's house, or her grandparents', sitting on the couch, eating a snack, and watching tv together, just as our kiddos are doing in this very picture.  The sitting and snacking was quickly followed by rushing outside to shoot hoops, or occasionally to play some less awesome sport.  If we weren't outside, we were probably playing hours on end of tetris, arkanoid, or mario brothers on the old school Nintendo.  Misty perfected the recipe for homemade bean dip and that was often on the snack menu.  You wouldn't find Misty or me in a dress back in those days.  We were complete tomboys and only wore shorts, tshirts, and tennis shoes.  And there were often a few other dear friends with us.  Misty and these friends helped shape who I am today.  Regardless of how long it's been since Misty and I have gotten together, we are always able to pick up right where we left off.  She is a forever friend.  So maybe now you can see why my heart wants to explode with warm fuzzies every time I look at this picture of our children, just hangin' together.  I'm so thankful for this community that has given me so much and continues to shower my family with love.

Side Note:  Shortly after Jaron and I moved back to OKC, we coached a 6th and 7th grade girls basketball team for two years, along side Misty and her husband, Michael.  But oh lordy, lordy, that is a whole other story, whole other post.  Pretty entertaining though.

Also... Isn't it Wednesday?  Soo, where was my Ten on Tuesday post?  Well, I had one all planned out, but clearly I did not make it to the computer to type it.  My bad, I'll try to do better next Tuesday.  You can find Kristin's list here.  Also, be checking for Cait to do a list.  She said she might.  And if you ever decide to join in and do a list, tell us about it, folks!

**Updated on 9/6/12** I tried scanning a picture in, but the quality was terrible, so I took a picture of this picture with my phone.  I believe this is July 1999, Red River, NM.  And those girls are me and Misty.  But you had probably already guessed that.


  1. Thanks for the sweet post Grace. You have always and will always be my best friend. I remember the fun times after school on wed waiting for choir practice, messing around with amber and chris (and some serious air he got from a thrown stick), track and field (nintendo), arkenoid (, all the sleepovers (pretty sure we spent the entire weekends at each others houses), lots and lots of basketball games, globetrotter moves outside, card games (gin), easter candy eating :), bean dip, and all the other great memories I had. I am so lucky to have met someone like you and even luckier to keep in touch with you, though I wish we would get to hand out more often (we will have to make that happen!!!). Thanks for being my best friend and looking forward to many many more great years!!!

  2. Oh man, love ALL these memories!! Thanks for sharing them, and thanks for the sweet comments. And yes, let's make it happen on spending more time together- I'm all for it :). Loveyourguts!!



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