Instruction on a Friday

Friday, September 14, 2012

Instruction on a Friday night apparently.  I tried posting this a few days ago, but had trouble with the video.  Not my best thing.  But here it is, finally.

This post is heavy on nephew cuteness, so don't say I didn't warn you.  First of all, I pa-romise that I still plan on doing the Ten on Tuesday posts.  Clearly, I won't be doing them every week, but I even have a few in mind, just haven't been able to type them out on the last few Tuesdays.  You should check out Cait's list though!

So on to the nephew stuff.  The other day, Alice was asking me how E was doing.  He's been sick and I was telling her about his doctor's appt.  I explained that he has 2 ear infections (again) and pink eye (I can feel you inching away from the computer to go wash your hands.  good idea.).  She said that she told Jason about it and he said, "That sounds like a rough day.  At least Eva didn't scratch his back so that it bleeded."  Good point.  That kid remembers everything.  Also, he makes me smile.

Then Alice sent me the following video.  She said that while they were at Jason's soccer game on Sunday, Xander said that he wanted her to record him doing an instructional video.  She did as she was told.  This too makes me smile.  Smile, oh so big.  I'm hoping it has the same effect on you.

In case you need to bury something...


  1. That's the best instructional video I've ever seen! I love it so much. I still have to remind myself who Jason is and now I picture him as a sophisticated young adult with elbow patches :) You got some cute nephews!! Love you!



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