Out and About in OKC: The State Fair

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

On Sunday, we met Misty and Michael and their kiddos at the Fair.  Oh, the Fair.  Good ol' fashioned people watchin', delicious, belly achin' food, and you know, some other stuff.  While Emmitt did his typical response to a new situation and was pretty serious the majority of the time we were there, he did seem to be pretty impressed with all the animals.  He saw lots of animals that are in his books and was able to get closer to them than he can at the zoo.  He even got to pet some and he was very gentle.  We also watched the pig races, which was pretty cool.  Have I told you I kinda have a thing for pigs?  Well, my family kinda has things with pigs.... Someday, I'll have to tell you about it.

As far as food goes, I got cheese on a stick (love!) and Jaron got a corn dog and a cherry lime-ade , and that's all.  Who do we think we are?!  If we had been there a little longer, I definitely would've gotten a sweet treat, like funnel cake.  Mmm, funnel cake, I love you so much.

You may notice in the pictures above that Emmitt's outfits are slightly different.  There was a situation that rendered his jeans unwearable.  I blame no one.

And finally, just a little piece of trivia.  My parents took Alice to the OK State Fair the night before I was born.  Good job, parents.

Thanks for inviting us to the Fair, Misty!  We had a blasty blast.


  1. Look at us both, two in one week! I love all the pictures and I definitely want to hear more about the jeans sitch! :)



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