Summer Wrap Up, Part 2: A Summary in Photos

Sunday, September 9, 2012

This selection is missing a few special shots from our summer, but I thought it was still a pretty good overview.  I hope you have each had a happy summer!  Go getcha self a new cardi, because Fall is a comin'!  Although really, here, it will probably feel like summer for another 2 months.  Ho hum.  


  1. MILANOS! I'm so jealous! Love all the pics! Especially so many cousin, extended cousin pics :) Emmitt in the green shirt standing in front of your house looks so big it kinda pinches my heart. Precious as always!

  2. I second Cait's comment- MILANOS! I don't think any Italian food has been as satisfying and delicious EVER, although I think it's because the tortellini comes with such good memories. Such sweet pics, Grace!

  3. I know, MILANOS, right?! Good point on such good memories, Laura. That's the truth! And Cait, that pic does the same to me.... When did he get so big? (tear, then smile)



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