Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Over the last few years, there have been a number of times that have left me realizing that I am further removed from college than I usually think (aka feeling old).  One such occasion occurred last Fall when Jaron, E and I went to Fort Worth for a mini friends reunion.  We were visiting some friends from college and while we were there, the lady folk took the kiddos to the Fort Worth Zoo.  As we were walking through the zoo, Cara (she is in the middle, to my left, in the above pic) noticed some girls who were wearing what she thought was official TCU athletic clothing, so she stopped and asked if they played a sport.  They replied that they played soccer and Cara explained that she had also played soccer for TCU.  They chatted for a minute about being awesome at soccer, the coach, etc, etc. Then the girls asked Cara when she had graduated, to which Cara replied "2005."  Those same sweet girls, with a look of surprise said, "Oh, that's not that long ago!"  WE KNOW!

For. the. love. Amiright?!

So, as you know, I turned 30.  While it doesn't feel like much has really changed, it does seem official that I can no longer say that I graduated from college "a few years ago."  I have had some moments in the last several months where I felt apprehensive about turning 30 and mainly just wondered what it would mean for me.  But now that it's here, I'm pretty pumped about it!  It's a little sad that it's the end of an era (my 20s), but I'm excited for what's to come.  And really, I'm kind of an old soul (fancy way of saying old fart), so I find I become more comfortable and settled in who I am, the older I get.

And speaking of TCU....  I think my heart will forever ache a tiny bit whenever we travel to Fort Worth, because it holds so many memories and feelings from such an important time in my life.  But I also look forward to sharing such a neat place with E.  We took him to his first TCU football game in September.  He got purple ice cream, so job well done!

Okay 30, let's do this.


  1. Ok, I read your post, but all I could see were E's baby TOMS. How sweet!

  2. I love it! Purple ice cream sounds DELISH right now! I get the same feeling thinking about/going to Fort Worth, it's a glass case of emotions, that town. But I do think that our 30s will be the best yet. You are killing it so far!

  3. Just wait until you're closer to 40 than 30....eesh! That's when you go into big-time denial and start doing ridiculous things like teaching your child to tell people you're 22. Not that I'm doing that.



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