And a Happy Thanksgiving to YOU!

Friday, November 23, 2012

I love, love, love Thanksgiving, because I love gathering with family and friends and I love any holiday in which mashed potatoes play an important role.  We've gotten to have two Thanksgiving meals this holiday season (not including all the awesome leftover meals).  The first was a Watpig Thanksgiving, especially put together because my godbro and E's godfather, Kevin was in town a few weeks ago.  We also celebrated Xander's 10th birthday at that time!  What?!  And then the second was yesterday at my parents' house with relatives here from Texas.  Thankful for these gatherings with loved ones, and mindful of the loved ones we couldn't be with this year.  Thankful for the chance to see dear friends (and some more of E's godparents) this week.  And as I rocked E to sleep last night, I thought of all the other wonderful blessings in my life.  Praying for those who are not so fortunate... including those who didn't get to eat Ben Hanneman's or Jaron Hill's mashed potatoes, because that is truly so sad.

Also thankful for my mom for working so, so hard to make such a beautiful and delicious feast!  You know, now that she's cooking again... ;)


  1. i love the pictures at the "kids table"!

  2. I want to take these pictures and paste them to the inside of my eyelids.



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