Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Lots going on here, as I know is the case for most people in December.  We started the month with a trip to Texas, then came home and E had tubes put in his ears.  We were a little weary to do this, but feel confident it was the right decision and are enjoying time with our boy being well after months of ear infections, discomfort and unpleasantness with antibiotics.  We've been so thankful to have friends in town this month and have spent much time laughing, talking and playing with them.  We've been trying to prepare for Christmas- our hearts and our home.  I've been reading in the book of John, after an invitation to do so from Matt's blog.  This family so often leaves me encouraged, inspired, and challenged, in the best ways.  I felt moved to follow along in an effort to get myself thinking about the Advent season and what's coming.  We've eaten lots of yummy food and shopped all about.  We saw a sweet boy ("Eyi" or sometimes just "Yi" as Emmitt calls him) become baptized and then enjoyed his first birthday party!  Be checking here to see more pics of this amazing party!  Do it.  Everyone was commenting on how Kristin should plan parties for a living.  We decorated our Christmas tree and now continue to move more and more ornaments up as our active toddler reaches on tip toes and pulls on whatever he can get.  Who can really blame him?  We discussed putting a small tree on a table or some other out of reach option, but ultimately chose to use our regular tree, knowing full well things could get a bit tricky.  We'll probably end up having just the top third of the tree decorated.  So I'm thinking about pinning a picture to Pinterest and promoting it as the newest trend in tree decorating.  Who's with me?  Speaking of Christmas trees... Does anyone else think to him/herself after putting up the tree, "Maybe I'll just leave it up all year 'round, because those twinkling lights and glowing colors make me oh so happy!"?  Our boy is 20 months old and I've been thinking about all he does lately, smiling to myself with each thought.  I plan to record some of these things on here soon.  I think there'll be lots more to come in this month, but I'm gonna go ahead and finish up as I've filled this poor, run-on paragraph as much as I possibly can.

I find myself clinging to the light of the Advent Wreath more than ever in the last several days.   


  1. I LOVE the party pics, you are right, it is amazing!! Everyone looks beautiful and the tcu game pics look like a good time! Of course, Emmitt and "Eyi" are the cutest!! :) Love you all!



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