A Good Day

Thursday, January 17, 2013

As if I needed another reason to adore Kevin Durant.

Please go read this article, if you haven't already.  It will brighten your day.  And who doesn't want their day brightened?

I'm a complete sucker for an athlete-doing-good-in-the-community type story.  And what KD said about his experience is exactly why I'm a sucker for it and appreciate it so much.  I think athletes and other notable figures have such a wonderful opportunity to be good examples.  No one's perfect, I don't expect them to be, but I do think it's great when some of these people choose to go above and beyond to make a difference.  KD explained that he couldn't wait to meet this child and was blessed that he had this opportunity.  He felt blessed!  By taking advantage of the role he could play in someone else's life, it seemed to have an impact on himself as well.  Everyone wins.

This particular story is especially dear to me, as I am a Thunder fan, a KD fan, and a huge fan of The Children's Center!  The Children's Center was my work home for three years.  It is truly a special place and has certainly made an incredible impact on my life.  Therefore, I am always so pleased when someone else gets to see its beauty.  Gets to be changed forever by these amazing children and the people who love and care for them daily (including families, employees, volunteers, and other visitors).

It seems to be the case that when we do something to help others, we often find that we are the ones helped, changed, and bettered.  There is much suffering in this world.  I'm encouraged and inspired by people who stand up for each other.  Support each other.  Love each other.

A good day for humanity.


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