Christmas Part 1: WIth Family

Monday, January 14, 2013

I know I'm both way behind and out of order, but I really wanted to post on Christmas, mainly because I have a billion pictures.  I had hoped to tuck Christmas pics in before the end of the 12 days of Christmas but alas, I did not.

We spent the weekend before Christmas with Jaron's family.  It was a really quick trip to TX, but well worth it!  I only had my phone and the photos aren't great quality, but I still wanted to share some of them.  We drove back to OKC to celebrate with my family on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.  Jaron got me a new camera for Christmas, so there were many more pictures after that.  I'm super excited about my new camera!  Emmitt loved all the family time and was spoiled rotten.


  1. I love this last one, he looks so mischievous!

  2. I need to know about this new camera of yours as I'm going to be in the market for one soon since our little Sony now belongs to some lucky stranger that may have picked it up at the Chickasha Fesitival of lights. Let's chat soon! Oh, and please tell Emmitt to stop growing now!



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