One Day More

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Today is my dad's last day of work at the VA Medical Center in OKC.  He is retiring after 30 years of service.  I know he will miss a lot of things from the VA, but I also know he is so very excited to enter this next adventure!  Last night, in light of us seeing Les Misérables on Saturday and listening to the music ever since, Jaron told my dad that his theme song was "One Day More."

I've just been reflecting a little on my dad's work, and wanted to record a few things.  I know I was and continue to be influenced by both of my parents' work in choosing my own profession.  My dad is an internist, and throughout his career has had particular interest in medical ethics, physician/patient communication, and palliative care.  He has often been the one called in to handle difficult patients and situations.  And surprisingly (or not so much) he has found that in most cases those patients mainly just want to feel heard.  Don't we all?  He's incredibly smart, as well as hard working and an engaging speaker.  He's one of the funniest people I know and it's my understanding that he used this quality frequently in his work life.  I've heard some of his patients, students, and co-workers speak very highly of him and I've seen how he treats people in his everyday life.  I've heard how he talks about his job and his patients.  I've seen that while there have been trying times, for the most part my dad has really enjoyed his career.

One quick story:  About a year or so ago, my dad was talking to, I believe, the Head of the Social Work Department at the VA.  In the midst of their conversation, it came up that my dad had a daughter who was a social worker.  She exclaimed, "Oh, no wonder you're so nice to social workers!"  To which my dad, a little surprised, said, "Well yeah, and you know, also because they're people."  Haha, oy.  Good job dad, for treating people with dignity and respect!

All of the above information has led me to the unbiased and obvious conclusion that my dad is a great doctor, and that makes me really proud.

All of the below information from the following picture has led me to the obvious conclusion that my dad is just begging to do A LOT of babysitting for these three rotten boys during his retirement.  Hmmm.  Fine, dad.  Fine!  I think we can probably arrange to help you out with that wish.  You're off tomorrow, right?  Hee hee.

And a few more shots from a little celebratory dinner.  Congrats, dad!

P.S.  If you notice, in the first picture there are several paint colors on the wall, because my mom is trying to pick a new color for her dining room.  Feel free to chime in with your vote!


  1. I am flattered, impressed, and grateful. You have exaggerated my virtues, but that's OK. (I AM a little hurt you didn't mention my fashion flair.)

    Regarding the story where a social worker said, "Oh, no wonder you're so nice to social workers!" after I told her my daughter was one, I remember my response to her differently. I thought I said, "Yeah, I kind of miss the days before she became a social worker and I could treat them like crap." We can agree to disagree on that one.

  2. Oh, is that how it went, dad? Ha. Ha. Good one. I forgot to add that while you're very funny, sometimes your sense of humor is used for evil. ;)



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