Friday, January 25, 2013

I've been kinda a grump today.  Well, for one thing we are out of coffee.  You all feel me, right?!  I tried to pep myself up and thought, "Hey, you can get a delicious Sonic Dr. Pepper a little later as your caffeinated beverage for the day!"  But by about 9:15am, I decided that something bad would happen if I didn't get coffee.  I think how sad that is as I write it.  Coffee doesn't always affect me like that, I don't have to have it everyday, although I mostly need it everyday if I were going to be honest with myself.  And yourself.

Emmitt and I packed up and headed to Starbucks to get myself a delicious, hot coffee beverage.  When we got back, we played outside with Eva.  It was cold, but I had my hot beverage and E and I were both bundled up, and he seems to be like his dad in that the cold weather doesn't really affect him, so there we were.  I love it that he hits his hand to his thigh and yells, "Drop!" to Eva in reference to her ball, so we can throw it to her again.  It's so cute, and just another example of him picking up on all the things people do around him.  Also a good reminder that he picks up on all the things people do around him (pretty sure I heard him repeat, "oh crap!" after I said it earlier today.  I suck.  No I don't.  Positive self talk.  Positive self talk.  Ugh.).  Getting my coffee fix and being outside with E, knowing how happy it was making him, made me feel so much better.  It was so fun watching him run around with his big coat and doggy hat, which both make him so top heavy.  

We came inside and played with Mr. Potato Head while we watched Sesame Street.  Then we shared leftover bean and cheese Taco Cabana tacos for lunch.  One of Emmitt's new words is burrito.  I could hear him say it all day!  And he is much like his mama in that he could be happy with a mostly bean and cheese tortilla diet.  We thought he might come out of the womb as such from as much as I ate this food item while I was pregnant with him.  He didn't.  But you knew that.  

I've noticed that I've felt a little extra fatigued and down this week.  I need to get back into a regular exercise routine stat.  I wasn't exercising when I felt yucky during the first trimester and just haven't gotten back into anything since I've been feeling better.  But when I start to notice I'm feeling down more regularly, it's often during times when I'm not getting enough exercise.  Must change that, because this mama needs to be at the top of her game for her family, friends, and herself.  Can't let no coffee threaten to ruin my day again.  

I hear that my boy has awoken from his nap and he's talking to Roy, who loves to sleep on E's bed.  I hear him saying, "No!"  He hears us say that to Roy a lot.  He's kind of an ornery cat.  But we love him just the same.  Excited to see my boy and discover what the afternoon has in store for us.  Gonna make it good, my friends.  Happy Weekend to you all!

Caitlin, this last picture is partly for you.  As you can see, we surely did not cut his hair.  The mullet is alive and well!  Also, I thought I'd let you all see this shirt.  Yeah, it says Little Brother.  I did not notice that when I was purchasing it.  I needed a long sleeve shirt for him today though and it just fits him so well.  What are you gonna do?


  1. I totally hear you girl! It's amazing how you don't really know how much you love coffee, need coffee, until it's gone. We have turned into our parents.
    Love all the pictures and miss talking to you all day long. And speaking of long. I love E's hair! You go Mama :) Keep the mullet!

  2. Oh thank goodness, he still has it! I LOVE it. You know I'm the same way with coffee but everyday! :/ The little brother shirt is classic! haha



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