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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Yes, it's true!  We are so happy to announce that we're expecting another baby this coming June!  And we found out today that said baby is a GIRL!!!  This is probably for the best, because in the midst of a recent trip to Target while we both "oohhed" and "aawwed" over all the baby girl clothes, my mom said that she would be so excited about a boy or a girl, but that if it was a boy she would just have to dress him in girl clothes occasionally (she only has grandsons).  While this likely would not have been as much of a problem in our family as in some, we'll go ahead and call it a win for the baby that it's a girl ;).

Even though Emmitt doesn't entirely know what's going on, other than the fact that there has been a lot of attention with bellies in our household lately, he must subconsciously be preparing to be a big brother, because he got an Elmo doll for Christmas and he has been so nurturing with it.  He hugs Elmo and holds him over his shoulder, then takes him to his room where he lays him in bed and says, "night night Elmo."  (I wonder if Elmo could teach Emmitt a thing or two about sleeping in his own bed.  Elmo seems to stay in there quietly until morning or throughout naps and I can't say the same for Emmitt.  Although that's a conversation for another time.)  Emmitt also gives Elmo drinks with his sippy, and it appears he has a lot to tell Elmo.  Emmitt seems to be a pretty affectionate kid, but all of this has been extra sweet and makes my heart glad.  The new baby will probably rock his world a bit at first, but I know Emmitt will love being a big brother.  He'll get to be the one to show this baby all the rotten stuff he and his cousins already know how to do.  Oh, these kiddos!

And here's Baby Girl!

I know this is still an alien-like phase, but I think she couldn't be cuter!


  1. WHOA! Awesome! Congrats Jaron, Grace and Emmitt!

  2. amazing news! what an incredible blessing!

  3. SO excited for you! I was just thinking last night about your family full of boys and how adored this little girl will be. And stylish, of course! ;) Congrats Hill family!

  4. so excited for you and Jaron and Emmitt! All the grandparents are probably excited as well!

  5. You're right -- it's an alien. It's Reese's Pieces for your E.T. shower -- pastel shades. Congratulations guys. Grace, I bought you your first pair of jeans, and I'll try to do the same for you -- Love, Nancy
    By the way, GREAT blog title.



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