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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

...via Instagram (Also, someone is trying to figure out how to make photo grids).  

Things I want to remember from the last few weeks:  

-A trip to Ikea and a little Babymoon with Jar at White Bluff.  We had such a nice time, and although I had moments where I was homesick for Emmitt, I think he had so much fun with his Nana and Papi that he may not have even noticed we were gone.  

-Meeting the sweetest, brand new twin girls.

-Donut party with Emmitt.  You remember.  

-A doctor's appt to see Baby Girl, which is always such a treat.  

-Alice watching Emmitt and sending me hilarious photos of his shenanigans, while Jaron and I went to see Chris, our brother-in-law, perform in a play.  It was really funny and enjoyable, and Chris was the best one (no surprise)! 

-Emmitt finally started saying "LV."  He seemed to be purposefully holding back on saying this as I clearly wanted it too badly.  He would say everyone in the room's name and when we got to LV, he would just smile or quickly run out of the room with a look that said, "I just remembered that I cut my foot earlier and my shoe is filling up with blood" (Romy and Michele's High School Reunion, anyone?).  He sure can be ornery. 

-Delicious dinner with some family, my heart filling with joy as Emmitt screeched in delight with an older "cousin," and getting to cuddle a sweet baby boy.

-More delicious food with immediate fam to celebrate Alice's birthday, and Emmitt so happy to play with his cousins and eat at the big kid table.  Since she's the smartest girl, Alice requested strawberry shortcake for her birthday dessert and my mom (Alice loves it when I call her my mom as opposed to our mom when I'm talking to her) made the real deal.  It was SO SO SO good!  Little shortcakes, fresh fruit, homemade whipped cream... I think I need one right now!

-A little snow day with Emmitt and Jaron.  I picked Emmitt up from Mother's Day Out early and Jaron worked from home in the afternoon last week when it snowed.  Love a snow day with my boys!

-Ashes on Ash Wednesday.  E's first time to get ashes.  He just kept looking at me and Jaron's foreheads, then sort of feeling his own.  

-Valentine's Day:  cranberry scones and strawberry/banana muffins for second breakfast after Emmitt went to MDO, made by my mom and Alice, respectively.  Both were so tasty!  Aren't they the best?!  An impromptu lunch with Jaron, a park date with my little Valentine, and then pizza from The Wedge for dinner, at home with my boys.  Then to finish the night, it was music to my ears to hear Jaron reading stories to Emmitt, followed by the both of them listening to an interactive iBook of the Yellow Submarine.  

-Lunch with one of my faves, at one of my faves (Misty, Bueno).  Misty-- So sorry again that E made milk splash on you, twice.  Eek.  

-Jaron making us brinner.  Delicious.  (This girl sure talks about food a lot.)

-More time with family, which included a little road trip with a great gal to go to The Tulsa Vintage Show.  Emmitt had such fun on this adventure and loved playing with yet another "cousin."  I so enjoyed chatting and looking around, and got a little something for Baby Girl at the Vintage Show. 

-My kiddos.  Baby Girl is doing well and kicking up a storm!  Emmitt is talking more, getting bigger everyday, getting busier everyday, getting rottener everyday (mostly kidding, but he is certainly testing boundaries.  See above re: milk splashing), and getting sweeter everyday.  He is really so affectionate and I thrive on his precious hugs, kisses, and words.  


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