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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Also, and more importantly, a post about donuts:

So I guess this story starts a few weeks ago.  I planned to host a Mary Kay party for a good friend, with my old work friends.  As I thought about what sort of treats I should have, I remembered something amazing that I had seen on Pinterest.  Awhile ago I saw some ideas for Donut Parties!  Yeah, you read that right:  Donut.  Parties.  I told Jaron that one, if not all, of our children would have a donut party and if they didn't, then I would have a donut party.  And you know why?  Because donuts are where it's at, is why!

So it was decided:  A Mary Kay Donut Party!  I thought this would be extra awesome with a cake stand.  I had been coveting a cake stand from Anthropologie that would look fabbo in my dining room, but even though I had checked a few times hoping it would have gone on a big sale, it surely had not, and I really couldn't justify paying what they were asking for it.  Then I saw a lovely cake stand at Ikea last weekend and grabbed it right up.  But due to some unfortunate circumstances, including some of my household being under the weather, my party that was scheduled for last night, got cancelled.  I was very sad to not see my friends and to cause an inconvenience, but also, there was no longer an excuse for donuts!

After I put E in bed last night, it occurred to me that my blog's 1st birthday/anniversary is today.  And isn't it typical to have a donut party for a blog's 1st birthday?  I mean, you can look it up if you don't think that sounds right, but I'm pretty sure it's the standard protocol.  Soo, today after running errands and eating lunch, E and I picked up some donuts and I told him we'd have a little treat after his nap.  And that we did, my friends.  I encourage all of you to grab yourself a donut or two (or your favorite sweet treat) in honor of my blog's birthday.  Just tell yourself you're doing it to support a friend.

I so enjoyed celebrating with my little man, since without him, I likely would not have felt moved to start this blog.  I'm taking extra care these days to treasure the time I have where it's still just me and E, taking on the world together.  One donut at a time.


  1. I want a donut! That is so fun, what a great celebration :) Also, in the first two pics you and E have the exact same facial expression, am I right? Love it!

    1. That's partly why I had to put that goofy picture of me up there... we actually look alike in those two pics. I kinda think I sometimes make a similar face to the one Emmitt's making in the second to last picture as well ;)

    2. Totally! And it looks precious on both of you! :)

  2. Happy Birthday, Grace's Blog! :)



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