22.5 Months

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I've been wanting to write about what Emmitt's been up to for months, but I've had trouble with this for a few reasons.  If I'm going to tell about what he's doing, I want to make sure I record every little thing and get it all just right.  So this makes starting such a post feel overwhelming because it's just not possible to get it perfect.  This issue plagues me in other areas of my life.... If I don't have time to finish, why start?  If it's not going to be exactly how I want it, why try?  It can be a problem.  So there's that reason, but the other is just the idea of writing about E has made me feel a teeny bit sad.

I'm so excited about how big he's getting and how much he's learning.  He's like a real, actual person that I can communicate with.  Who'd a thunk it?  And I'm not stressed about him turning two like I was when he turned one.  Or at least not yet.  But I do feel a little sad... sad?...  I don't know if that's the correct word, but I'm having trouble clearly expressing the feeling.  I feel... maybe anxious or homesick... for him, with the new baby coming.  Emmitt won't be the baby anymore and I don't know if I'm worried for him or just a bit anxious about the change for myself.  Change often throws me off a bit; even wonderful change.  So anyway, thinking about writing on his progress has given me mixed emotions.  

But enough already, I decided I'm going to record 5 things about Emmitt George at 22.5 months of age.  

1.  Emmitt has been talking more and more.  He picks up on new words quicker these days, but also he just jabbers more.  He will have a long conversation of mostly gibberish, interspersed with lots of familiar words.  And he often looks at me and says, "Um, okay..." and then just seems to be trying so hard to find the words for what he needs to tell me.  Besides working on talking, an even newer development is that he is starting to sing, or sing as much as a 22.5 month old can.  Oh how glorious it is!  He loves music, and dances and "la la las" to it.  I told him that one day he can be in his 9E's children's choir, like his cousins.  

2.  He's eating well, although still not a fan of most veggies.  He loves fruit, pizza, burritos, hummus, rice, gold fish, his dad's lasagna, his grandmother's muffins, milk and chocolate.  He's in a throwing food phase.  Oy.  Typically he does this when he's done with his meal and needs to make that clear to the rest of us.  He continues to work on mastering the use of a spoon and fork.  Oh, also, he has started eating dog food.  Or at least I think he would eat it regularly if we allowed it.  He finally got some in his mouth a few times in the last week and actually seemed to like it.  For the love, he'll eat dog food, but some of the deliciously prepared veggies we give him, he spits out in disgust.  Go figure.  Eh, at least he gets a little protein from it.  Isn't eating dog food a rite of passage for toddlers?

3.  Just in the last few months, he has become so interested in all his stuffed animals that just sat in his room for so long.  He talks to them, holds and cradles them, and wraps them up in blankets.  He's become very interested in holding a wet wipe recently and will clean off the stuffed animals as well.  Elmo and Libbit (it's one of his frogs and libbit is how he says ribbit) seem to be his favorite right now, but he shares the love with the other animals as well.  We got him some little hand puppets that he loves to use and he will put one of them on his hand and turn it toward himself and say, "Hello Emmitt."  The other night, he fell asleep in my arms with one of these puppets still on his hand.  

4.  He really can entertain himself pretty well.  He builds towers with his blocks, he plays with the little wood puzzles we have for him, he will look at a book by himself (although he still loves to have books read to him), he moves stuffed animals, blocks, or other objects from one spot to another and checks how they look arranged in the new area, then moves them back.  He still loves, loves, loves balls.  He calls any round object a ball.  He is a little scientist and explores and investigates things to learn about them.  He loves to play with our keys and will go to the different doorknobs in the house with a key opening and spend great length (great length for a toddler, so you know, a few minutes) trying to get it to work.  He loves Sesame Street (this may not fit under the category of entertaining himself, but I wanted to make sure I had it down :)).  

5.  (A varied jumble of things to finish off).  I know I keep saying it, but it keeps being true:  Emmitt is so affectionate.  I don't know how long this will last, but I am soaking it all in.  He hugs my neck and strokes my hands and arms and says, "Oh, mama."  He says bye and love you to Jaron when he leaves in the mornings.  He and Jaron run all through the house at night, chasing and hiding and screaming with delight and it is so fun to hear!  He loves to be with family, he loves all of his grandparents, and loves cousins.  He is still shy and serious some but lately not as often or for as long.  I think he mainly just likes to take everything in, anywhere he is.  He is so observant and does not miss a thing.  He is certainly a toddler:  he's very busy, wants to do what he wants to do and when he wants to do it.  He throws things, a lot.  Unfortunately sometimes this is food or something that shouldn't be thrown, and sometimes at people.  He really can't be bothered with naps most of the time, and would much rather cuddle mom and dad than sleep in his own bed through the night.  And a final random note:  He really likes jewelry and our shoes.  He has been trying to put his shoes on, but they are so small for his small hands to maneuver that he doesn't have much success (heck, it takes some finagling for me to get his shoes on), but Jaron and I have a few pairs of shoes that are much easier for him to step into and clomp about in.  No surprise this one likes shoes... Jaron and I are both big fans!



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