Good Meal-Time Conversation

Saturday, March 2, 2013

I remembered something this week that I want recorded.  One of my godfathers, Dennis, often pointed out that whenever we had family meals together, someone would bring up a story about a bodily function.  He joked (in a somewhat accusing manner) that it was such an odd and unfortunate time to discuss these disgusting topics.  My mom and godmother, Mama Chel, were quick to explain that Dennis joined the mix at a time when there were several small children among our families, a handful of pets, and they both worked at an elementary school, leading to ample opportunity for stories about poop, vomit, and other good stuff like that.

We've hit a point in this same family where we have lots of little ones again, although I'd be lying if I said that up until now we've refrained from bringing up gross topics at meals.  We always have to acknowledge that we're honoring Dennis' memory when we begin one of these stories and that now it's an official meal.

I will spare you the details and pictures (which I took for Jaron of one particularly shocking episode because he was conveniently out of town), but I've had a week filled with lots of dog poop, dog and cat vomit, pregnancy stuff and then just the typical amount of toddler disgustingness.  Emmitt has actually been the least noteworthy of all my kiddos in the bodily function category this week.  Although, he started working on some really yucky snot situations yesterday, so don't worry guys, he can still catch up and make a solid appearance!

Since having Emmitt, I've more fully understood where my mom and godmother were coming from.  Dealing with all sorts of bodily functions is absolutely no fun when you're right in the middle of it, but let's be honest, who doesn't love a good vomit story?!  Okay, I know there are people who even reading this post, want to go throw up because they are not fans of such topics, nor are their sympathetic stomachs.  I truly apologize to you folks and agree that usually I don't want to hear about something disgusting while I'm eating either.   But, recalling these stories with family and friends is a way to laugh about the more unpleasant moments in our everyday lives.  It's a way to proclaim to those who love you and will not judge you when you tell them how you overcame a really sh*tty situation.  Literally.  

The following pictures come from the highlight of my week.  After dealing with one of the above mentioned episodes, I was finally sitting down to eat breakfast and drink some coffee, when my little guy climbed up into my lap and kept saying, "belly."  He started checking out my belly in a way that said, "So what's all this you and dad have been telling me about a baby being in here and what does that even mean?"  I asked if he wanted to kiss my belly and he would get really close and then pull away quickly and say, "No, no" like "this is just too weird, mom."  But then he did kiss my belly, on a few occasions.  I slyly tried to get my phone out to take a picture without him noticing, but he of course noticed, because he notices everything and then he was equally interested in looking at himself on the phone (because I had turned the picture around) and investigating my growing belly.  I smile every time I think of these sweet moments with my curious boy.    

(I know it's no longer Christmas, but Emmitt has two sets of these pajamas and they still fit, so there ya have it.  For all of you who were concerned about it.)


  1. The only thing worse than all of the dog & kid excretions is how indifferent you become about it when it's coming from one of yours. Like how, "Oh my God that's the most revolting thing I've ever seen"... over time becomes.... "{sigh} I've got poop on my forehead again. Guess I better go take care of that."

    P.S. Such cute photos of such a cute boy & belly!

  2. Haha, oh man, isn't that the truth!



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