30/31 Weeks

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Here are some not so great phone pics of the belly from the last two weeks.  I've been a little lazy with the blog, distracted with other things and not sure how to express it in blog form.  But there is much I've wanted to write about and hope that I will do so in the near future.  Although these pics aren't great quality, E is still a dream, huh?  And Baby Girl is growing, growing, growing (as is my belly).

30 weeks:

E was very impressed with "driving" the cart on a shopping trip with his dad last week.  I've looked at this picture about 8 billion times.  Just can't get enough of it.  

31 weeks:

Here is E on his actual 2nd birthday.  Doesn't he look like he should be heading to his college biology lab?!  I started taking this picture just as he put that plant in his mouth to bite.  This is after playing with a few live bugs, eating dog food, sticking his finger in dog poop, playing in dirt, gathering rocks, and throwing some good old fashioned temper tantrums.  Oh, to be two again....


  1. Love these pics! You look soooo cute! And, what kind of shoes do you have on in the first pics? I love them!!!

  2. Thanks friend! The sandals are naturalizer (I know I'm an old lady!). I found them at our outlet mall a few months ago and love them :)

    1. I just read this reply. You are not an old lady! It is fine to want comfort out of shoes! :)

  3. That last picture=greatness. A day in the life of a boy. Awesome.



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