Easter 2013

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Happy Easter!  We had a lovely weekend.  The weather was gorgeous and Jaron and I got a lot done around the house, including painting Baby Girl's room and sorting through E's old clothes.  I know the clothes thing doesn't sound like much, but this always takes me forever to gear up for because it's a little sad to see my boy moving up into a new size.  We are blessed to have a very stylish and thoughtful boy in our lives who passed on many, many outfits to E.  It was fun going through all of these "new" clothes.  One of my cousins also passed along some of her precious boys' precious clothes.  We sure are lucky!  And on the flip side, we know two younger and smaller boys that make it much easier for me to give away E's old clothes.  That's probably way more than you ever wanted to know about the ins and outs of our hand-me-downs, but it's mainly to make you aware that 2-year old Emmitt George Hill is going to be looking quite dapper.

So it was a productive Saturday and then Jaron's parents arrived that afternoon to spend Easter with us.  You will notice that in some of the pictures below, E looks like a total zombie.  This is because Nana and Papi brought colored bubbles and sidewalk chalk and E could not get enough of these treats and must have wore himself ragged Saturday evening, because although he seemed to have a mostly joyous Sunday, every once in a while he would just look exhausted.  Sweet boy.  Sunday included breakfast and an Easter Egg Hunt before Church, followed by a delicious meal at my parents' house with many loved ones after Church.  Awesome Easter weekend?  Check.

Check here if you want to see how much E has changed since his first Easter, two years ago.  Be still my heart.  


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