E's first haircut

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Yes, it happened.  We finally got a haircut for Emmitt.  And we think it is just the cutest!

This was not an easy decision.  Clearly, right?!  I mean, he had quite the mullet.  And we thought it was just the cutest.  Jaron and I had gone back and forth.  We felt like his hair had become so much a part of who he was.  It was his thing.  So how could we possibly cut it? But then about a month ago, the two of us decided that maybe he should get a haircut for his 2nd birthday and in preparation of becoming a big brother.  Yet neither of us made any real effort to make it happen.  For a brief moment, we changed our mind, decided to just let it keep growing.  I finally felt good about him getting a haircut and made an appointment a few weeks ago.  I immediately regretted it and had to ask Jaron and my mom if they thought E's hair was the source of all his powers and oh boy, "What have I done?!"

Turns out, he still has all his powers.  And a brand new, big boy haircut!  He did great with it, just sat in his dad's lap and looked around in his serious manner.  By the time he had finished and saw that dad was also getting a haircut, he had warmed up to the new setting and was smiling and squirming and wanting to check everything out.  And don't worry, I have a lock of his mullet, to treasure for always.

Of course, now he looks even bigger and less baby to me, which I both love and ache to see.

The gal who Jaron and I go to for haircuts is the one who gave E his first.  She did a wonderful job and we are very thankful to her!

Before and After...


  1. He does look so much more grown up. Probably feels more grown up, too. Maybe that's what has made him so ornery lately!

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  3. I can't believe our 'babies' are 2! And so excited for you and baby #2. :) Miss you guys! Love Emmitt's new 'do. He and Topher could definitely do some damage together. :)

    1. I know, isn't it crazy that they're 2! Haha, I agree, I bet they could definitely do some damage together ;). We need to give them the opportunity sometime this summer. Hope you all are well, friend!



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