And Jar Finally Turns 30

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Happy 30th Birthday, Jaron!!  It's been a hilarious joke in our household to talk about how old I am since I turned 30 before Jaron.  So, so hilarious.  A few weeks ago I asked him if he was excited about turning 30 soon and he sorta groaned.  For the love, could he not make it seem so terrible?!  Truth is, I've thought 30 has been pretty great and I wish the same plus even more for that Jaron Hill, because you know, I think he's the best and he deserves it!  Below are some pics from his party.  This week's posts have been heavy on party pics, huh?  Highlights from Jaron's party (in my opinion, he may disagree):  golf during the day, his dad's homemade BBQ, a pie buffet (Thanks to my parents, Jaron's mom, my sister, and Pie Junkie!), and great company.  Oh, and the pie buffet led to a few days of pie for breakfast.  And pie for breakfast is one of Jaron's very favorite things.


  1. Happy birthday Jar!! That pie buffet is genius :) Emmitt and the Hanneman kids are so precious together!!



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