Dinner Plans?

Thursday, May 2, 2013

Are you struggling to figure out what to have for dinner tonight, only knowing that you want something delicious?  Story of my life.  But at least for today, I have the perfect solution!

Johnnie's is one of my very favorite places to eat in OKC.  It's a burger place and the food is delicious, but it also holds sentimental value for me.  Growing up, Johnnie's was the go-to after church lunch location for the Watpigs.  Have I ever explained the Watpigs?  It's a combination of my maiden name (Orwigs becomes Pigs, which is another story) and the Watsons, who are basically adopted family.  There isn't a quick and easy way to describe their significance other than that, but they are so, so important to me.  As I got older and was able to drive, Johnnie's was a fun place to go with my friends to eat unreasonable amounts of food.  That was back when I was playing lots of sports and got a burger and a grilled cheese and cheese fries, with their delicious ranch, of course.  I'm not saying that I haven't made this same order since being out of high school and playing zero sports, but just not as often.  Sometimes a girl can't decide between a burger and a grilled cheese, okay?!  When I was living in TX, Johnnie's was a must anytime I was in town.  And now, Johnnie's has become a place to take all of our rotten kiddos!

Some of the those Watsons (or rather, formerly "Watson") have inspired me greatly.  My godsister and her husband, Aimee and Ben, have meant the world to me for quite some time.  But in the last year they have become heroes in my eyes.  Their sweet son, Bennett is fighting a rare mitochondrial disease.  I am in constant awe of how these two live their lives, and I hope and try to be more like them each day.  You can learn more about their journey here.

So are you wondering how your dinner plans somehow fit in with all of this?  Well, a student at the school where Aimee teaches has set up a fundraiser for Bennett at Johnnie's.  Isn't that just the best?!  If you eat at any metro Johnnie's on Thursday until the end of the school year and mention CASADY, then a percentage of the total will be given to the Bob Stoops Champions Foundation in honor of Bennett, to help with medical costs!  And if you can't wait until dinner, that's okay too.  Go for lunch.  Heck, go for lunch and dinner!  I'm not judgin'.

Please keep these precious ones in your thoughts and prayers.  And if you are able, consider being a blood donor.

Now go get some cheese fries, because they are just so good!


  1. Prayed for Bennett this morning, gave blood a few hours ago, so I guess I have to go for the hat trick and make it to Johnnie's tonight!

    1. Way to go! I know for a fact that you did it!



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