Choo-choos, Elephants, and Pizza

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

There's so much I want to record and I'm hoping to jump in and get caught up soon, but in the meantime I thought I'd share a special time from this week.

Fleas and carpet cleaners made it hard to be in most of the house.  Herding a 2 year old can be difficult, but we managed to make a fun afternoon in E's room yesterday.  The light streaming in the window was so refreshing.  I love my kiddos next to any of the windows in our house.  Not only do they both enjoy it so, but they just seem to glow.  I can see all their little unique parts more clearly.  As the clouds rolled in and the rain started to fall, we all got a little sleepy, but don't think for one minute that Emmitt George was fooled by that and decided to take a nap.  No sir.  We relaxed though by watching Dumbo on Jaron's iPad.  Dumbo is E's current favorite.  The songs run through my head over and over again in the wee hours of the night, because of how many times he's watched it.  Maybe this is better than having Jenna Maroney's "Muffin Top" run through my head all the time, which is apparently the case for my mom right now.  I must admit, I too have been there, Mom.  Side note on Dumbo:  Have any of you watched it recently?  Dumbo and the mouse get drunk!  You know the part where they see the psychedelic, pink elephants?  Oh well, I guess it was a different time ;).

Little Caesar's cheese pizza and Crazy Bread for lunch, and Hershey Kisses were our dessert treat.  I rocked and nursed Baby Dura and turned on the White Noise occasionally to help her fall asleep.  She slept in her carseat next to us as E and I played with his train tracks, Noah's Ark animals (another current obsession; he lines them up over and over), and a new set of wooden trucks and cars from his visit with Nana and Papi last week.

We didn't feel crammed in that back room of the house, as I imagined we would.  It was cozy and fun.  I treasure any time that I get to really play with E these days.  Often I have to make sure he's entertained and safe in order to do something with Cora.  I adore my moments with Cora of course, but am certainly very grateful for the times that I can crawl around on the floor with E and be silly.  Praise the Lord for lazy afternoons with these sweet kids.


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