Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Eva Marie Hill, Eva Beva, Eba, Eya, Beeves.  

Yesterday, our German Shepherd, Eva was put to sleep.  She had been struggling with a severe intestinal disease over the last several months.  It took a while for us to discover what she had and once we did, she just did not respond well to the treatment.  We were hopeful this would turn around and we'd have more time with her, but in the recent weeks we knew that she really wasn't doing well.  She had lost a lot of weight and was having difficulty getting up and moving around, as she was very weak.  Jaron worked tirelessly to get her to eat and take her meds, by trying all sorts of things she might like that were also compatible with her restricted diet.  Her mealtime routine had become quite an ordeal.

Eva was a wonderful (if not a bit neurotic) dog!  To say she was a good guard dog and protective of her home and family would be a HUGE understatement.  I know that there is an asterisk or some other mark next to our address at the post office, because Eva was quite certain that the letter carriers were a serious threat to our house and she made this clear any time she got the chance.  I always felt safe with Eva around.  She was wary of new people and had an intimidating bark, but once she smelled you, she was very sweet.  When there were a number of kiddos around the house, Eva would follow them around, herding them as she went.  She was so gentle with Emmitt and Cora.  When Emmitt came home from the hospital, she always had to be sure of where he was, and she was extra vigilant of visitors.  She loved playing catch in the backyard, loved family walks, and loved going to visit both sets of grandparents.  She was good with other dogs and enjoyed hassling our cats (Well, mainly just Roy.  But if you know Roy, you kinda get it. ;)).  Also, I know I'm biased, but Eva was so beautiful!  Just beautiful.  And people often commented on it.

Eva loved her family.  But she LOVED Jaron.  When Jaron was out of town, Eva's mood was noticeably different.  I often thought to myself during these times, "For the love, I'm fun too!"  But really I understood.  Heck, I feel the same way when Jaron goes out of town.  Eva was Jaron's 75lb lap dog.  It was hilarious to see her get up on his lap while we were watching TV.  Like many of us, Eva was happiest when she was getting lots of exercise, and I believe one of her very favorite things was going on morning runs with Jaron.

Jaron and I hope Eva is eating delicious food and going on lots of 6am runs.  We already miss her so much, but rest a little knowing she is no longer suffering.

We love you, sweet Eva girl.


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