Happy 4th of July!

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Hope you all had a very happy 4th of July!  We sure did.  There is much I have wanted to post about and record regarding our new life with Cora, but I'm still processing and taking it all in.  One thing I can say though, is that we love this sweet baby girl and feel so blessed that she's ours.  I also have a few things I'd like to post from before she was born, but we'll see if I actually get that done.  For now, I'd just like to try to get back into the blogging mode with our Independence Day festivities.  Jaron and my dad ran this morning and then we all ate biscuits over at my parents' for breakfast (my mom's biscuits are amazing.  one of my very favorites.).  After breakfast, Jaron and I headed home with the kids (kids.  plural.  still weird to say.  and write.) and had a mostly lazy day before going back to my parents' for water balloons, running through the sprinkler, body stickers and temporary tattoos, a cookout, s'mores and cobbler, and other outside fun.  It was a wonderful time with family, and I must say that I had so been looking forward to it and really needed it.  Good job, family!  Feeling so thankful.

Clearly it's my new thing to include 875 pictures every time I blog.  Maybe you hate that.  I hope you don't.



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