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Monday, July 29, 2013

My dad occasionally tells us that he's going to become a Buddhist.  You know what he's like.  Oh, I guess maybe you don't know what he's like.  Well, that's just what he's like.  I don't think he's become a Buddhist yet, but I do know that he still sometimes likes to read about Buddhist teachings and works from Buddhist writers.  Really he likes to read a little of everything it seems (or rather, everything that is super nerdy, hehe), but that's neither here nor there.  He told me about this saying a few years ago and I really loved it.  Then back in the Spring, he brought it to my attention again and ever since it has been bouncing around in my brain a lot.

Here's a little of what he wrote to me recently (I hope he doesn't mind that I'm sharing it):

One of the key teachings of Buddhism is to recognize the impermanence of the world, which means that both good and bad things alike are fleeting and transitory.  The main lesson of that (I think) is to be grateful.  Grateful for the blessings we have in this moment and grateful that whatever is bad will not last.  As the saying goes–
The world is so beautiful, how can we not be grateful?
The world is so difficult, how can we not be kind?

I know many who are facing terribly difficult circumstances right now, and yet they continue to see the beauty in this life.  I'm so inspired by them, encouraged to be thankful and brave.  One of my New Years Resolutions was to be brave.  I had a few specifics in mind, but mainly I was hoping to be open to the possibilities of 2013 and brave enough to take advantage of them.  I know that sounds vague.  It is for me too.  I wish it was more clear, but all I know is I'm trying to be brave this year.  And every so often I see or read about someone else being brave and it reminds me to do the same.  

Often I ask myself what the point of this blog is.  Not in a negative or frustrated way, but really just exploring why I blog.  One of the main reasons I do it is to have a record of this season in my life.  It's such a special time with two small kids, and it's also a weird and scary time as Jaron and I try to figure out how to raise said small kids into loving, kind, happy, funny, healthy, hard-working, productive citizens. Whew!  I'm worn out just writing it down.  I've never been much of a journaler.  It always felt like a chore, but somehow journaling on a blog doesn't feel like work to me.  Rather, I enjoy it a great deal.  There's another positive to the blog: it makes me happy.  Nothin' wrong with that, huh?  I also love the idea of connecting with others.  

But, some of the aspects of blogging also scare me.  I want to connect with others, open myself up to possibility and opportunity, but the unknown of that scares me.  I'm a fairly shy and introverted person, so it's interesting to me that I've been willing to expose myself in this format.  It terrifies me most times that I share a post.  Yet for whatever reason, I continue to feel a little push to keep up with it.  

I'm grateful for this little, odd blog.  I know that I will certainly be grateful for it years down the road when I will hardly be able to believe that my littles were ever this little (tear).  I think it's good to do things that make us happy, as well as things that scare us.  So for today, I will enjoy this blog while I have it, be brave and share it.  Tomorrow, I will need help again to be brave :).  

Please understand that I know this is not a very serious or important thing to be brave about, but being brave for the little things may just help us to be brave for the big things, no?  Practice makes perfect and all that.  At least that's what I'm hoping.  Let's be kind and supportive to one another in our endeavors to be brave in this wild and lovely world.  Good Luck in doing something brave today!

I think E was brave in his above fashion choice.  I'm a fan!

(Full Disclosure:  I wrote this a few weeks ago and then was feeling very un-brave.  Read something today in which someone else was being immensely brave!  So I decided to step up.)


  1. Yay for your bravery Grace! I think your blog is very brave and I love reading it. Plus I love your littles and you usually put pics of them :) As always, LV's words are very wise. Thank you for sharing!



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