Newborn Photos for Baby Dura

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Miss Cora Marie had newborn photos taken a while ago (she's already so much bigger, sigh), and I thought I'd share some here.  At that same time, we also had photos taken of Emmitt as a big two year old (26 month old, but who's counting?) and of some of the projects we've done around the house, which I plan to share as well.  When Emmitt was born, Julie recommended Kate Gaines with Hannah Kate Photography to us.  We used her to do a newborn session with our boy and have been using her ever since.  We are thankful to have found someone who is kind, fun, easy to work with, and incredibly talented.  I mean, somehow she makes us look a little less like the huge goofuses that we are, while allowing for just the right amount of our goofusness to be authentic.  I love pictures so much (can you tell from this blog?) and besides the aesthetic appeal photography has for me, I also love that pictures serve as a reminder for certain times and places and people, as well as all the feelings involved.  I'm so grateful for Kate's ability to capture the precious details... Emmitt's wrinkled nose smile, his obsession with bugs, his adoration for his baby sister, mama and baby cuddles, teeny tiny feet and toes, shoulder rides with dada, scrunched up baby legs, teeny tiny hands and fingers....  I know, I know, if I love her so much, why don't I just marry her?!

Oh, and why Baby Dura you ask?  Well, that's what Emmitt calls Cora: Baby Dura or Dora.  I die from the cuteness every single time.

Here's the little lady that we're just so crazy for:


  1. So sweet! I love that bonnet! Newborns are the best, and it's so important to capture those first few months since they grow so fast!

  2. Awe Grace, thank you so much foe the sweet kind words! I am humbled...So thankful for you and your family!

  3. Thanks so much you all for the kind comments :)



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