Afternoon Coffee

Monday, August 5, 2013

Afternoon coffee was the best idea I've ever had.  You know, I've been thinking that it's a cruel joke of Mother Nature that as a breastfeeding mother I am supposed to avoid caffeine, since really at this point in my life I want gobs and gobs of it, all day long.  Today I decided to make another cup of coffee as a delicious, afternoon treat/snack.  And it surely was a delicious, afternoon treat/snack.  Also, I was so happy about my drink that it allowed me to not become terribly anxious (read: start screaming uncontrollably) when I found a tick in our hallway.  We're having some bug issues over here at oldhousehill, and it's making me a little (read: A LOT) crazy.  But not today, so good job, coffee!  I kiss your face.  Like I said, best. idea. I've. ever. had.


  1. I firmly believe that I cannot be a good mother without coffee. And also wine. But this post was specifically about coffee, so I'll just stick with that for now. Either way - cheers!

  2. HA! I totally thought to myself, "Well I guess this is a better choice than making afternoon wine a habit (although it does sound glorious)." Miss you. Cheers!



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