Jar Took a Vacay, Part 1

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Back toward the end of July, Jaron took a whole week off from work and it was the best ever.  We spent the first part of the week around here, running errands, marking things off our lists that we'd been trying to do for awhile, trips to the science museum and zoo with cousins, watching movies together after the kids were asleep, yummy food....  Did I mention it was the best?  I love a staycation!  This is primarily because I'm a boring homebody, but E, C, and I were so happy to spend several days of uninterrupted, quality time with Jaron.  We think he's the bomb diggity.

My cousins Sylvia and Amelia came to stay with my parents for a few days at the beginning of the week, so we got to have lots of fun with them as well.  They are such sweet girls and Emmitt is a big fan!  Later in the week when they were gone and we were packing up to head to Jaron's parents' house, I was talking to E and told him he looked so handsome with his new shirt (Well, new to him, actually one of Chase's, Thanks Chase!).  I said, "I bet Nana and Papi will also like your shirt and think you look handsome!  And Aunt Christa and Eli too!"  And he said happily, "Yeah! And 9E too!"  I was so impressed with this, because just around this time, he had started stringing words together as sentences more and more, and responding to things without just repeating what we were saying.  I replied to him, "Yeah, you're right, 9E will like your shirt and think you're handsome too!"  And then he said, "And Milia like it too!"  It took me a minute to understand this, but then I realized he was saying that Amelia, his newly discovered kindred spirit, would also like his shirt.  Yep, I bet so.  Precious.

Now a million (instagram) pictures??

Oh sure, why not!


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