Less Squished

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

When Cora was about 2.5 weeks old, my sister and her boys came over and afterward she had this conversation with Jason:

Alice:  "That Cora is really cute, isn't she?"  
Jason:  (In a very serious manner, pausing often) "Mom, you know boys and girls are different, right?"
Alice:  "Umm, yes... ?" 
Jason:  "Well, I know you think she's cute, but I think most boys-  I'm not saying all boys, probably not Uncle Jaron- but most boys, think she's, um, well... squished." 

When I asked Jason about it later, pretending to be insulted, he looked embarrassed and quickly said that it wasn't him who had said that, but LV!  This was actually a pretty believable person to pawn it off on.  My dad firmly believes (or at least he wants us to think he does) that newborns are goofy looking.  Almost every time he sees Cora, he comments that she's getting "less weird looking."  I get it, newborns can look a little odd, but of course Alice and I have thought our kiddos were perfect, even as squished newborns.  Our dad mainly does this to give us a hard time and be hilarious (oy), and my mom always likes to point out that he's not really interested in the grandkids until they think he's funny.  Well, 3 out of the 4 do so far.  Cora, not so much quite yet, and maybe never if he doesn't shape up.  Nevertheless, LV and Jason have acknowledged that she is looking less and less squished.  We agree.  


  1. Such a funny story! Cora is adorable- I think she looks just like you!



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