Our Weekend

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Alice and Chris take E to the zoo with their boys on Friday, where he has so much fun, and comes home so exhausted that he is actually stumbling around the house * Jaron's parents come into town and we eat BBQ for dinner, on our back patio; it feels so good and E is so happy to get to eat his grilled cheese while simultaneously running around, checking out bugs, playing with sticks, getting into bushes and leaves and all things outside * E does a lot of playing with his animals all weekend, lining them up in different ways, over and over * lazy Saturday morning, coffee and Panera for breakfast * Grace gets hangry in the early afternoon, takes it out on Jaron, he gets her Ingrid's for lunch and the world slowly starts to make sense again * Cora, who was not feeling well Friday and is still a bit congested Saturday morning, is at least smiling like herself again which makes this mama very happy * Jaron and Grace go on a date Saturday night (thanks Nana and Papi!) and eat outside again at Picasso Cafe on the Paseo; the weather is amazing and the company quite delightful * church Sunday morning * Johnnie's for lunch * afternoon errands with Jar * good snuggles with Cora and E * dinner with 9E and LV, while Jaron plays church softball * bedtime for the kiddos * 30 Rock with Jar; messing around on the computer, avoiding cleaning, laundry, etc * bedtime for the parents * the end.

Missing this boy extra a lot today, as he is back at Mother's Day Out, and in a different room and class than the one I had prepared him (and me!) for, due to a bit of miscommunication.  I know he'll do great, but still feeling a little... something... sad, anxious?  First days can be tough anyway, because they're such a big reminder of how big he's getting.  But really that's awesome too, huh?  Oh, it's all okay :) 


  1. i love everything about this post! it sounds like the best of all worlds with fun and relaxing things. good for you and Jaron having date night! play date again soon!

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