Out and About: Live on the Plaza

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

On the first Sunday of August, we walked to The Plaza District for Live on the Plaza.  The 16th Street Plaza has this event on the second Friday of each month and I thought they had started doing it for the first Sunday of the month as well, but maybe I made that up.  The extravaganza involves the shops and restaurants being open, food trucks parked outside, entertainment and activities, and just a general atmosphere of fun and merriment going on.  It's been awhile since we've been out on Friday but we always liked it and have been wanting to go on a Sunday.  We had planned to go back in July, but Jaron got sick, so Emmitt and I made a blanket and pillow fort in our tv room instead*.  But this month, no one was sick, so we headed over to 16th to scope things out.  I say I may have made up Sunday Live on the Plaza, because it wasn't quite as hoppin' as we've seen in the past, although we may have gotten there after the busiest time.  We still had fun taking a walk together as a family though and we always enjoy checking out what's new on the Plaza.  We love the restaurants and cute shops down there, and we even went in a new to us, very cool little shop on this particular day: The Salvage Room.  Emmitt was a big fan of his ice cream cone from Roxy's Ice Cream Social and did some serious damage to it.  He was a mess by the time we got home!  And Cora was pretty bored by the whole thing.  She's apparently too cool for Live on the Plaza.  I call it all a success and look forward to our next adventure that way.

Just so I remember...  We actually took our first walk as a family of four to 16th street, when Cora was only 6 days old.  I got a little treat for her room at Collected Thread and Jaron and Emmitt got a pie at Pie Junkie.  I love thinking about that day.  Can't believe C's already 2.5 months old now!**



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