Jar Took a Vacay, Part 2

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Yes, yes, there is a Part 2 to Jaron's vacation back in July!  I kinda go through spurts with the blog and apparently hit a slow spot over the last few weeks.  Anyway, after we had a little staycation around here, we headed to Texas for the second part of the week to stay with Jaron's parents and spend time with his sister and her boyfriend before they moved to Australia (!).

Festivities included lots of yummy meals together, both in and out, swimming, a Rangers game for the big kids, a little shopping, going out for drinks and dessert with just Jar, seeing some dear friends (although I sadly missed this due to a small, unwelcome run-in with mastitis), both kiddos getting great, quality time with their grandparents and Christa and Eli, seeing one of Jaron's cousins, and finally... we wrapped the trip up with a delicious bow by going to brunch at La Madeline, one of our very favorites.  At one point over the weekend, as we were saying for the millionth time that it was an outrage that Oklahoma doesn't have La Madeline, Jaron stated, "Maybe I should start up my letter writing campaign again to get one." Um I'm sorry, did you say again?!  He said that when we first moved to Oklahoma, he would send them an email every few months about getting a restaurant here.  I really like him.

The week was the perfect amount of fun and relaxing; lazy moments at home and then running around, out and about; time with just our little family and time with the rest of our family and some friends.  An excellent balance.  Mostly simple stuff, but marked in my brain as a really special week.  We miss you already, Christa and Eli!

Every time we've mentioned to someone about Christa moving to Australia, they've thought it was so cool and asked if we will get to visit.  Oh man.  A girl can wish.


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