Saying Goodbye to Summer

Thursday, September 26, 2013

This summer was such a good one.  Nothing too wild or crazy (except for the whole adding a person to our family bit), but still so nice.  There was lots of time to settle into life with two kids, adjust to a new rhythm.  My heart is grateful and full.

As I mentioned in my last post, August sort of flew by, and while September has done the same, we've had moments of family time where the world seemed to stand still.  A few times, we've gone out on what can best be described as Family Date Nights, just the four of us, enjoying each other, eating and drinking, and being merry.  As many people know, going out to eat with small children is not always fun and sometimes just not worth the trouble, but lately it has been quite good.  We'll take it while it lasts.  We've enjoyed lots of drives to see buffalo (more on this later), and watched as both E and C grow before our very eyes, and become more and more enthralled with each other, and us with them.  We celebrated our goddaughter's birthday with outdoor fun that made me nostalgic of family camping trips from when I was young.  I hope to be able to camp out someday with this new generation of littles.  It was a perfect farewell to a special summer.

To briefly recap, during the summer... we finished some projects around the house, dealt with annoying bugs, had play dates and time with cousins, Sunday dinners, a few lunch dates, an al fresco dinner/baby shower for one of my most dearest girls, drove and drove with the kiddos, took evening walks, felt so lucky to have our friends and family, ran outside/picked up bugs/slid down slides/jumped on trampolines, watched Animals United and Dumbo seven billion times (no, you misunderstood me, I loved it), said goodbye to our Eva, said goodbye to my grandfather, prayed for God's comfort, healing and protection, enjoyed Jaron's parents being super close for a bit, took lots of pictures, lined up animals and any other group of things as if our life depended on it, let laundry pile up, went on dates with my love that included delicious food and drink, ached that it's going too fast, felt joyful for what's to come, reminded myself over and over and over to stop, relax, and take it all in right now instead of worrying about the past or future, took some more pictures, drank coffee, showered sparingly, washed hair even less, wore running shorts 95% of the time (ran once), felt straight up fancy when I put on jeans and a little makeup, told myself to be more patient, decided I might be getting this parent thing down, decided I may not have any idea of what I'm doing. ever, laughed, felt thankful, was inspired by beauty in a variety of forms, at times felt unsure and wondered what it's all about, but then stared and stared at two sweet ones, in constant and forever awe of my great fortune to be their mama.


  1. This is one of my most favorite posts yet!! Your recap is grand!!



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