Wallpaper and Sock Buns

Thursday, September 26, 2013

August was here and then it wasn't.  It feels like a bit of a blur, looking back on it.  I remember thinking that Cora was getting noticeably bigger, which was fun, but also made me feel like things were going entirely too fast!  Emmitt started back at Mother's Day Out.  He's in the 2's room.  Guys, this is not to be confused with the toddler room.  I was sure he was in the room he had been in earlier in the summer, but he wasn't.  I had even gone to the wrong Open House the week before, and the teacher apparently thought he was still with her as well.  Anyway, Emmitt was a champ, just followed me to the next room like it was nothing, walked in and started playing.  I had a harder time adjusting to the change, worrying all day how he was doing.  We got through it :).  He's getting so big.  SO big.  More on these kiddos later, but man oh man, SLOW DOWN!

Other happenings in August included getting wallpaper in our hallway.  It makes me immensely happy.  It also makes me feel a little like I'm in a cross between an old lady's house and an Anthropologie catalog.  Which is pretty much what I'm always going for.  Alice wore the cutest sock buns.  So there's that.  We saw great friends from college and our kids played together.  It makes me so glad to see my kids play with kids of the people I love.  We finally met with some friends from church, which we've only been trying to do for all of 2013.  We celebrated my dad's birthday.  We had some super fun play dates and lunch dates.  And most notably in August, we travelled to Texas to see my grandfather.  Jaron, Cora and I went to see Grandman and Liz at their house and got to have a lovely afternoon chat.  I already mentioned this in an earlier post, but Cora is his first great granddaughter after a whole bunch of great grandsons, so it was special for me to see them meet.  Even though he had been in a rehab facility and was supposed to be taking it easy and using a walker, he insisted on walking us to our car when we left (because he's just about the sweetest man alive) and in classic Grandman style, he wished us goodbye by saying, "Watch out for those crazies!"  I laughed to myself and my heart became warm.

We bid August adieu with a cookout at our house with both sets of our parents and my sister's fam to celebrate Labor Day.  Oh.  Maybe you think Labor Day is in September.  Well, yeah it is, but whatever.


  1. I wanna see the wallpaper! Did I miss it? They are the cutest, of course! And I love that you saw the wallaces

  2. I wanna see the wallpaper! Did I miss it? They are the cutest, of course! And I love that you saw the wallaces

  3. Hey Cait! I'm pretty sure the wallpaper is in the first pic with Alice. :) Great pics Grace!



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