Well Hello There, Fall

Thursday, September 26, 2013

... always a pleasure!

Fall is in the air.  Jaron and I both commented this weekend that it smelled like Fall.  So glorious.  So good.  

We had friends over Friday night and it was such fun!  Three 2 year olds ran around, laughed, and screeched with joy, pretty much non-stop for three hours.  Cora was a bit fussy, but as usual was most interested in watching the other kiddos, smiling and cooing at their shenanigans.  We had fajitas, guacamole, margaritas, and chocolate chip cake, which I will always say yes to.  After everyone left and our kids slept soundly in their beds, Jaron and I announced to each other how happy it makes us to have these friends living closer to us now.  

On Saturday, Jaron welcomed Fall with one of his favorite things: a golf tournament that his work put on.  The rest of the day was pretty relaxing and uneventful.  In the evening we packed up and headed to the new Nordstrom Rack that just opened.  OKC is moving up in the world!  Our kids banded together and told us firmly that they were not interested in checking out what this store had to offer, and so with heads hung low, Jaron and I walked right back out of the store.  As we loaded into the car, we decided that it would be awesome to return to this site for a date night sometime.  Now that I've written that, it makes me think of the Friends episode where Ross exclaims, "Someone sent us a basket [of mini muffins] at work once and people went crazy over those little muffins.  It was the best day."  To which Chandler replies, "Your work makes me sad."  Ha, so maybe Nordstrom Rack is our basket of mini muffins, but don't worry, we're not sad about it.  It would be a lovely little date :).

Sunday, after church and lunch, we decided to take a trip to the Great State Fair of Oklahoma on its last day.  It was a pretty quick adventure that included seeing lots of animals, because they hold Emmitt's heart, getting a treat for someone, and consuming cheese on a stick, a corndog, and lemonade.  Fast as it was, it was well worth it to see E's face as he admired the animals.

Oh Fall, come right in!



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